8 Absurd Things Atheists Must Believe Before Breakfast (Part 4)

8 Absurd Things Atheists Must Believe Before Breakfast Part 4

Compiled by Don Cain

What Will You Believe?
Before “Big Bang” cosmology, those who did not want to recognize the existence of God attempted to find comfort in the belief that all matter is eternal. Science tells us that matter cannot be created. It can change its form, say from liquid or solid to gas, but it cannot be created. For matter to exist, there must have been a Creator whose existence transcends the science of known physics.

We inherently know that the universe had a beginning. Science theorizes how it began. Because of the fine-tuning within many forces such as, gravity and velocity, some suggest that instead of just one universe, there are “multi-universes”. The assumption is that with enough universes, fine-tuning is a given rather than evidence of design. Of course, the multi–verse hypothesis is unprovable. The premise offers nothing to solve the problem of how it could have started on its own, without God.

Anyone with average intelligence, without support from a scientist in a white coat, can see the evidential facts regarding existence. You may remember a particular scientist who, at the beginning of every TV episode of Cosmos, stated assuredly, “The cosmos, all that is, or ever was or ever will be.” As far as I know, no one ever asked Carl Sagan, “How do you know that?” The answer is, “He didn’t.” The statement is an unprovable assertion. There is no possible way to scientifically test it. It is a statement of faith. Imagine that!

Yet, it is likely that millions, untrained to test assertions critically, accepted his recurring declaration as gospel truth. Much of what we can know, without having to rely on the claims of the experts, is as plain as the nose on our face. It is self evident that existence depicts a very high degree of order. The Earth is highly organized, and many believe its environmental balance is fragile and threatened. Enormous diversity exists throughout the world. In the 1970s Science Reader reported that perhaps as much as one half of the plant life in South America was yet to be classified. There is a mind-boggling complexity to all existence, ranging from living cells and DNA to the subatomic structure of the elements.

Ecology and environmentalism declare the inter-relatedness of nature. The dependability of water always boiling at 212 degrees at sea level and all the other laws of physics and chemistry demonstrate that the universe operates under a system of laws. The world is highly rational, knowable, and intelligible. Think about it. Scientists could not formulate experiments, must less test them, without this assurance of conformance to law. And the intelligibility is progressive. Modern technology confirms this.

Big Bang Cosmology cannot account for this. Naturalism/Atheism is forced to believe:

• Nothing created everything
• Chaos created order
• Non-life created life
• Non-consciousness created consciousness
• Non-rational created rational
• Non-personal created personal
• The blind created vision
• Non-hearing created hearing

The list could go on. This isn’t rational. The existence of God is proven by the rational, logical nature of things being understood as it is. God Is Love. And He loves you. Yet, we declare our independence from God, which is an act of rebellion, or sin. And God’s wrath is revealed from heaven against all sin. Recently a vase was discovered during an archeological dig with the inscription, “A thing is worth what someone will pay for it.”

What are you worth? God loved you so much that He sent His Son Jesus to die for your rebellion against Him. (John 3:16) He paid a terrible price to save us all from an awful fate. That is quite a price to pay. You and I can resist this knowledge with a resolve that is beyond all logic and rationality.

Why? It is because on some level, we believe the Lie that originated in Eden. What lie? The lie that, “What we want for ourselves is better, and to be preferred, to what a benevolent God has planned for us.”

Don’t believe it. Millions and millions of Christians testifying over two thousand years proclaim God’s truth. God is love. And He loves you. Snake says “God is not good.” The more common, modern statement is, “God does not exist”. Either concept renders you being of little value, significance, or meaning. You are asked to believe all this without any factual basis to back it up.

Why We Know God Exists
The realistic foundation establishing God’s existence is the ORDER of our world and universe. From the very smallest things to the very largest, we can perceive a universal order. That order is additionally demonstrated by the laws of physics, chemistry, mathematics, music, botany, geology, and more. To this add:


Big Bang cosmology offers no explanatory power to account for those. “Oh, yes we do!” exclaims the atheist. “Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection explains them all!”

Do they really? Natural Selection is so God-like in its presumed authority that modern-day evolutionist and atheist, Richard Dawkins, feels the need to go to great lengths to explain that natural selection “is blind, mindless and without purpose.” He doesn’t offer where or how he learned that. I suspect his is another “faith” statement for which there is no method of proving, he’s just asking us to believe.

After all, wasn’t the purpose of the whole enterprise of natural selection an attempt to account for things without the need to refer to the supernatural or to God? It’s a small wonder that many of us can feel our lives have little purpose.

A fertile imagination finds few limits. “It may have happened like this,” or “it could have been this way.” So given enough time, say billions of years, and a blind, mindless, and purposeless process “could” account for the order, complexity, and diversity, and so forth, that we all see and experience.

It is important that we see Darwinian Evolution and Big Bang Cosmology for what they are. They are alternate explanations that attempt to answer the important questions They do not succeed. God is the better explanation.

We have seen photographs of man’s footprints on the moon. The Lunar Lander was designed with the assumption that dust on the moon’s surface would be consistent with known rates of accumulation on Earth, based upon more than a century of record keeping (factored by the moon’s lower gravity and lack of atmosphere). The supposed billions of years were expected to result in dust depths measured

in feet, as the Lander’s design shows, not the couple of inches the photos reveal—a depth consistent with six to ten thousand years of accumulation. Of course God could do it any way He chose — through billions of years, or if He could make Adam as an adult male, he could also make mature trees, rocks and galaxies, fully mature with all the signs of age.
Much of what we think we know about the age of the Earth is founded and grounded on the assumption that the “clock in the rock” began it’s countdown from zero. Or in the case of space, that velocity has always remained constant.

They believe they can compute the age of the universe by calculating the distances of galaxies from the center, yet in other places they say they cannot know where the center really is. This is, of course, an unproven and unprovable assumption. There is no way to verify it. In any case, you need Someone to get it all started. It begins to sound like a fairy tale for adults. You know, like a rabbit out of a hat, except without a hat and even without a magician.

We don’t know how much we don’t know. Therefore, when the atheist opposition sets forth extensive and comprehensive narratives across the disciplines of astronomy, botany, biology, chemistry, physics and others, we feel that we are not in a position to adequately address them or to refute them.

Yet we see this colossus astride our modern world ruling the schools and the government, and are tempted to feel there is little we can do about it, as we slide faster and faster into chaos. They say: “We can go into the lab and prove that the rate of decay in this fossil, or this rock is constant. And we can prove that it would take – millions or billions of years to reach this stage. Therefore, we can know the universe is billions of years old.”

But what they cannot prove, because there is no scientific way to test it, is that the clock in the rock, or in the fossil began its countdown from zero. With no way to prove base point, they must assume it. In fact, they must have faith that it is so! So, the whole colossal edifice is grounded of an assumption – on faith. They have no proof, and yet they rule.

These erroneous beliefs rule ONLY because others do not know there is no proof for these foundational assumptions. The remoteness of the galaxies is used as an example by these “scientists” as well. They say: “We can go into our labs and prove the speed of light. They assume, but cannot prove that the speed of light is the fastest anything can travel. They say it would take billions of years to get to earth.

What they cannot prove is that God does not exist. Indeed this is the reason for their alternate explanations – to show how humans can understand without the need of “the God hypothesis.”

God made Adam as a fully mature human with all the attributes of age. He did the same for trees, rocks and galaxies. They claim differently. They think they have proved it. They are wrong.

What shall we do? The Dead Sea is dead because it receives water but does not pass it on. Let’s make sure we are not like the Dead Sea, receiving yet not passing truth to others. Tell someone. Tell everyone. Let The Whole World Know!
If you begin with “No God,” then you must come up with another explanation. When you renounce the Snake-lie you no longer need another version.


• Sovereign
• Eternal
• Unchangeable
• Spirit
• Omnipotent
• Omniscient
• Omnipresent
• Holy
• Righteousness
• Justice
• Love
• ...and more

Scripture declares that the evidence for God’s existence is clearly seen. We resist the evidence in order to serve our own mistaken self-interest. We choose to believe the Snake.

Knowledge really does have power. With what you now know, you can act upon your own best interest. And is it not wonderful that you have the great honor and privilege of testing the message in the laboratory of your own life?

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