The New Face of Fascism

Different Races in the world

The New Face of Fascism


What is happening on college campuses today? How do young people enter into adulthood with the mindset that they must be protected from opinions they find distasteful or with which they vehemently disagree. When did so many of our best and brightest millennials become fascist bullies imposing their own particular form of group-think on others while denying freedom of speech in the name of needing to “feel” safe? Is it possible that we are seeing the fruit of decades of diversity and sensitivity training coupled with a concept that all truth is relative produce the exact opposite of what was intended? Could one of the unintentional consequences of trying to offer people a healthy, non-stereotypical cultural/ethnic distinctiveness be causing serious divisions in the “melting pot” feature of the American way? Are we becoming a fragmented country where what separates us is becoming more important than the ties that bind us together? Could this be counterproductive to our unique American identity of E Pluribus Unum  “Out of Many, One?”

This movement is gaining traction. Perhaps because of the way many in the minority community have become entrenched in generational poverty and the consequences of the breakdown of the traditional family. Yes, young people are usually idealistic. However, what are we to think when a student at Yale bemoans her fate as she is being privileged to receive a top-notch Ivy League education. This young lady is living a life that is free from the stifling poverty that cripples those in the third world, the struggle for freedom being denied in ruthless dictatorships or the brutal oppression of women at the hands of Islamist extremists.

There seems to be a serious disconnect when American woman are told that a certain political group is waging war on them? Where the outrage from the defenders of a woman’s right to end a life in the womb with regard to the treatment of women in Islamic countries? Rape cannot be prosecuted unless there are at least four male witnesses, men who either participated in the crime or allegedly watched the rape, but did nothing to stop it. This same Sharia Law allows Muslim husbands to beat their wives. In Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries, women are subjected to genital mutilation as young girls as young as five and Islam allows older men to use underage girls to fulfill their own perverse sexual needs. Nevertheless, many of our fellow citizens continue to claim there is a war on women right here in the good old USA and Islam is the moral equivalent of Christianity.  

This same deception continues in schools and colleges as Darwin’s atheistic theory is presented as a scientific fact. Darwinism exalts naturalism and promotes the female deity of Darwinism, Mother Nature, in the place of the Creator of all things. At CSI, we end up teaching students who are pursuing science degrees at secular universities to be as wise a serpents, but as innocent as doves. They know that Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is a sham. It is a baseless and unsubstantiated story and nothing more, but they must bow to the altar of educational expediency if they are to pass courses that are fraught with evolutionary dogma. Most of their professors are atheistic and are openly hostile to the Judeo-Christian worldview and the God the Bible.

We know that the Theory of Evolution is being presented as a scientific fact. They are using the classic “bait and switch” tactic to deceive. They knowingly present these minor changes that are adaptive not transformative in nature. They are presented as evidence of huge changes between every major category of life from bacteria-to-invertebrates, from invertebrates-to-vertebrates, from fish-to-amphibians-to-reptiles-to-mammals, from mice to men and everything in between. Then they extrapolate these minor changes into a rocks-to-Rowitt evolutionary scenario where all of the gaps remain unfilled and the ones that are claimed to be missing links are themselves by no means universally accepted as being transitional in nature. They are teaching students that  every living thing on our planet that has ever lived or will ever live is related to a concoction of inorganic chemicals that somehow spontaneously came to life approximately 3.5 billion years ago. That one protocell transformed itself into every other living creature in the plant and animal kingdoms. At CSI, we tell Christian students that they must learn Darwin’s Theory and tell their professors what they want to hear. It is not an isolated incident that Bible believing students have been denied entrance into certain graduate programs due to their belief in creationism.

I have a sneaking suspicion that most of these easily offended students are the product of middle to upper middle class or even privileged upbringing. Their parents most likely coddled them and sheltered them from the more unpleasant aspects of life. That is understandable, but rather than teaching them how to intellectually defend what they believe or respectfully “agree to disagree,” they seem incapable of seeing their own hypocrisy. How can those who extol the virtues of tolerance be so blind to their own intolerance? What is a “safe zone” if not a place where all who hold opposing views are not tolerated. It could be that the splinter in the eye of those they oppose so vehemently is being obscured by the cedars of Lebanon that are protruding from their own eyes. When I hear a high ranking college administrator saying their needs to be a “balance” between the rights of some to be protected from distasteful or disagreeable opinions and the freedom of speech for all, I am reminded of another biblical reference. If the blind lead the blind, they will both fall into a ditch, Matt. 15:14.

Submitted by Steve Rowitt, Ph.D.