High School Biology Lab for Homeschoolers

High School Biology Lab for Homeschoolers


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CSI is pleased to offer a college preparatory biology lab for high school students. The course provides the student with a strong background in biology using a Creationist perspective. Students will acquire laboratory experience covering microscopic techniques, several dissections introducing comparative anatomy and a variety of other biological investigations. Through identifying and understanding how different systems work across groups of organisms, the students will observe and discover the imprint of a Divine Designer in his Creation.

All six classes must be completed for a certificate of completion. The program will provide 30 hours of college preparatory biology lab. There will be a $25.00 Lab book fee which will be provided in the first class. Each student must bring his/her lab book to each class for the remainder of the program. The course will be taught by Mrs. Joanne Rabolli and Dr. Scott McOwen, Veterinarian.

Topics & Dates:

Fridays 9:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
All day-Bring a lunch bag

homeschool programsRegistration Fees
(per student)

Grades: 9-12
Ages: 14-17

Cost per Year
6 full days

Lab Book Fee

*No tuition refunds. Siblings pay full price.

Semester: Topics 2016-2017

Microscope Lab: September 9, 2016
We will investigate the invisible creatures of the Monera & Protista Kingdoms under the microscope. We will also learn how to make slides and use the microscope.

Invertebrate Study: October 14, 2016
We will dissect the worm, grasshopper, starfish, and crayfish to understand God’s spineless creatures.

The Fishes of the Sea and Birds of the Air: November 11, 2016
Created on Day 5 of the Creation Week are the perch and the dogfish, which is a cartilaginous shark. We will also explore birds, how they are able to fly and how they could not have evolved from reptiles (dinosaurs).

Amphibians vs Reptiles: January 13, 2017
What’s the difference? We will dissect the frog and make observations of the functions of the anatomy of the snake. We will compare amphibians versus reptiles to see how they did not evolve from one to the other either.

Internal Structures: February 10, 2017
We will take a close look at the eye, heart, and kidney. We will observe how God designed each with highly specialized functions.

Fetal Pig Lab: March 10, 2017
We will look in detail at the design of the body systems as a functioning unit. We will analyze how all the systems had to work together perfectly from the very first time, leaving no possibility for the development of each system separately over time.