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Reptiles Rock!!
Animal Shows that come to you.

Reptiles are truly radical! And so is our new traveling reptile show taught by animal educator Steve Lachonas.

Our new show, "Reptiles Rock" is different from other reptile shows. Why? Like most animal shows, we have the fun, education and interaction with the audience. But what makes our show different is that we talk about these animals from a “Creation” perspective.

How does this work? We just don’t stop at the Biology, we connect it to Creation, their Creator and why kids are more radical than the animals they see!

Shows come with 7-9 animals and lasts between 45-60 minutes. Perfect for school assemblies, chapel, church services, special events or camps.

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Meet Steve "The Animal Guy"

Steve is our new Creation speaker and around here, he is also affectionately known as “the animal guy.” He is coming to CSI with over 15 years’ experience in youth ministry and zoo education.  

Steve LachonasHis passion is using animals to teach youth and children the truths of Creation.  He holds a Bachelors degree in Christian Ministries from the Masters University in in Santa Clarita, California.

Steve has done animal presentations for Creation Ministries International, the Arizona Origins Science Association, Wildlife on Wheels. Animal Tales and the Phoenix Zoo.





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