Kids Science Club

Kids Science Club

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Become an Investigative Scientist Member!
Join us as we investigate God’s amazing creation with tools and techniques used by real scientists. 
Our investigative team meets on eight designated Saturdays of the year (see schedule below).

This time is packed with thrilling hands-on activities, exciting demonstrations and science-based laboratory experiences that will leave you wanting to discover more. Explore the wonders of creation and experience the hand of God in every field of science.

Activities are geared toward children between the ages of 5-12.

Membership includes:

  • Investigative Scientist Certificate
  • Unlimited Museum Admission
  • 10% off Bookstore Discount
  • Fun Hands-on Workshops
  • 1 Science Goody Bag


Choose a Time that Works for You

Time: Morning 10am-12pm OR Afternoon 1pm-3pm
Membership: $40 per child
Registration is required.

Dates & Topics: Session B


January 21, 2017 The Mad Scientist’s Frozen World
Did you know... The wood frog while frozen, stops breathing, its heart stops beating, its blood stops flowing, and it cannot move. However, when spring arrives, the frog’s body thaws and the frog returns to normal life. Kids, come and investigate these and other extreme survival tactics.
February 18, 2017 The Mad Scientist’s Shark Tank
How Big is That Shark? We will learn the formula for the size of a shark. Make a Bruce the shark card & get a special shark memorabilia.
March 18, 2017 The Mad Scientist’s Entomology Lab
Bugginess, Does it Bug You?- Bees, butterflies, & bugs! Learn about God’s amazing 6 legged creepers, jumpers & fliers.
April 15, 2017 - The Mad Scientist’s Inventor’s Laboratory of Design
Bridges & Towers-  What is the best shape to use to build anything? We will have a bridge making contest. How tall can you make a tower? 



Can't make it to the Discovery Museum?

Contact a CSI representative at 954-771-1652 and find out how you can bring exciting hands-on programs to your school, homeschool group or church.

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