Kids Science Club

Kids Science Club

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REGISTER HERE **Session A Class is Full. Please Register early for Session B. Starts Jan 2018**
Become an Investigative Scientist Member!
Join us as we investigate God’s amazing creation with tools and techniques used by real scientists.
Our investigative team meets on eight designated Saturdays of the year (see schedule below).

This time is packed with thrilling hands-on activities, exciting demonstrations and science-based laboratory experiences that will leave you wanting to discover more. Explore the wonders of creation and experience the hand of God in every field of science.

Activities are geared toward children between the ages of 5-12.

Membership includes:

  • Investigative Scientist Certificate
  • Unlimited Museum Admission
  • 10% off Bookstore Discount
  • Fun Hands-on Workshops

Hurry Classes fill up quick. Space is limited.

Time: 1pm-3pm
Membership: $40 per child/ per session. No refunds or makeup classes unless canceled by CSI. Choose one or both sessions at checkout.

Dates & Topics: Session A **CLASS IS FULL. Register for Session B (link below)**


August 19, 2017
Mad Scientist’s Chemistry Lab – It’s slime time! We will do some activities under the black lights! How about a glowing geyser?
September 16, 2017
Mad Scientist’s Crime Scene Lab– Learn how unique your finger prints are, how a foot print may help solve a crime or free an innocent man. Let’s take a bite out of crime!  
October 21, 2017
Mad Scientist’s Lab of Rot: A Look at Tiny Things– Exploring agents of change. What causes rot? Good bacteria vs bad bacteria.  What makes a cucumber into a pickle?
November 18, 2017
Mad Scientist’s Lab of Ice Age Creatures: Saber-toothed Cat vs Mammoth! Learn about each creature and how they were in the struggle to survive in a changing world– the Ice Age after the world wide flood. 

Dates & Topics: Session B


January 20, 2018
Mad Scientist’s Lab of Anatomy: Created in God’s Image– Take a walk through the gut and make a wearable digestive system! Discover your bones and compare them to other mammals. See how God designed us very well to stand on two legs!  
February 17, 2018
Mad Scientist’s Lab of Lift: It Takes you Higher to Fly! How do planes stay in the sky? Learn about control surfaces on a plane and use a flight simulator as a real pilot using foot & hand controls! 
March 17, 2018
Mad Scientist’s Lab of Wetland Creatures– There is a mixing of fresh & salt water! Who can live there? Make a craft and Learn about the Manattes. We will take a look at the largest wetland– the Everglades!  
April 21, 2018
Mad Scientist’s Lab of Wild Weather– Tornados & hurricanes! 

Can't make it to the Discovery Museum?

Contact a CSI representative at 954-771-1652 and find out how you can bring exciting hands-on programs to your school, homeschool group or church.


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