Birthday Parties

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Unforgettable Birthday Parties



Are you looking for a fun, creative way to celebrate your child’s next birthday party?

Well, look no further… Birthday parties burst with excitement at the Creation Discovery Museum – an original place to party!

Your child and friends will explore our fabulous exhibits and learn with hands-on activities about science, God and His beautiful creation.

Listed below are the things to think about for your birthday party. You may choose from one hour of activities or an hour and thirty minutes of activities. We also can include a museum tour for an additional donation of any amount. We have the ability to work with your theme. Choose from CSI's many exciting topics or request a specific one that will meet your children's dreams! Please speak to your CSI representative to determine what options might work best for your group. Make their special day a memorable one! Download Flyer HERE

Choose an exciting theme:


Kitchen Chemistry- Simple yet fun chemistry experiments you can make at home. Enjoy a time of messy slime, chemical mixing and a message about our Creator.

Dinosaurs on the Loose- Grab your Indiana Jones hat and join us on a safari to the world of dinosaurs! Students will investigate dinosaurs and fossils in this program.

Rockets & Space- Join us as we explore the stars, the moon, the universe, and the great beyond. Blasting off rockets into space lets see how they work!

Gizmos & Gadgets- Creating science mechanisms and discovering how they work can be great fun.  From gravity to gears, we are going to have fun, learning physics principles through science experiments that are lots of fun!

Butterflies-Butterfly Your World!! Put on your butterfly wings while we make a butterfly stepping stone for your butterfly garden.  Enjoy getting to see the different phases of a butterfly life while doing butterfly activities.

1 Program

$15 per child

Covers supplies for activities, instructor for activities, use of the facility, clean-up. Approx. 2-3 activities. 3 hour party.

2 Programs

$25 per child
Covers supplies, instructor fees, for an hour & a half, use of the facility, clean-up. Approx. 3-6 activities

Optional:birthday mascot museum

Museum Tour
Cost: Donations
Donations to CSI will help further the expansion of the Museum.

Diego the Mascot
Invite Diego, our Museum's mascot to your kids party.
Call our office for more information 954-771-1652.


Your Responsibilities:

CSI is not able to provide food for your party. You may cater the party or bring in your own food. Party supplies like plates, cutlery, and additional decorations are to be taken care of by you.

Set Up:
You may arrive approximately an hour and thirty minutes before the party starts to set up decorations and food. CSI will have a staff member there to assist after the CSI activities have been set up.

Schedule your Birthday Party Today! Call (954) 771-1652