Sodom Has Been Found!

Sodom Has Been Found Exactly Where the Bible Said it Would Be!

How many times have we heard that the Bible has dozens of contradictions and errors in it? What if I told you some of the most important archaeological finds were located using the Word of God as the guide. There is very little doubt in anyone's mind about the reality of so many of the Old and New Testament cities mentioned in the Bible. Therefore, it is hardly necessary to document their existence. Nevertheless, the following is a partial list of some of the cities mentioned in the Bible that have been found and excavated by archaeologists. This is simply more evidence that the Bible describes actual locations that can be verified. This means that, at the very least, the Bible accurately reflects the locations and confirms the existence of ancient cities exactly where God’s Word indicates they would be.

A partial list of these discoveries includes:  
1.    Arad, Num. 21:1,  Num. 33:40
2.    Bethel, Amos 7:12-13   
3.    Capernaum, Matt. 17:24
4.    Chorazin, Matt. 11:21
5.    Dan, Judges 18:29  the middle of the third millennium B.C."8
6.    Ephesus, Eph. 1:1
7.    Gaza, Acts 8:26
8.    Gezer, Joshua 16:10   
9.    Hazor, Joshua 11:1, Jer. 49:28
10.    Hesbon, Josh. 12:2
11.    Jericho, Num. 22:1,  
12.    Joppa, Acts 9:38
13.    Nineveh, 2 Kings 19:36, Jonah 1:1-2
14.    Shechem, Gen. 12:6, Gen. 33:18
15.    Susa, Neh. 1:1

There are hundreds of biblical cities that have been verified in archaeological digs. The one that is generating the most excitement right now is the discovery of the ancient city of Sodom. It is linked together with Gomorrah and three other cities of the plain noted in the book of Genesis.  

Just recently, a team of archaeologists working on a 10-year excavation near the Dead Sea believes they have unearthed the remains of the ancient city of Sodom, detailed in the book of Genesis. As was the case with the discovery of ancient Jericho and so many other cities, this startling discovery was not only done by using the Bible to locate the city, much of the findings confirm the Biblical account of a once-thriving, wealthy metropolis that met sudden, swift destruction as it burned to the ground from a super-powerful explosive force. The findings continue the steady stream of ancient evidence that continues to confirm the accuracy of the Holy Bible.

1. The Bible refers to a metropolis of five cities in the Dead Sea area. Five, and only five cities, have been found in the Dead Sea area.

2. The Bible refers to a conquest by the Mesopotamians. The artifacts found in the Dead Sea area show a Mesopotamian influence.

3. The Midrash describes the metropolis as a thriving population. The enormous number of burials in the large cemeteries attests to a great population.

4. The Talmud and the Midrash describe the area as an agricultural wonderland. The great diversity of agricultural products found in the ruins verifies the lush produce enjoyed by the area's inhabitants.

5.  According to the Talmud, there was a span of only 26 years between a war in the area and the ultimate destruction. Devastation levels found in Numeira (Sodom) are consistent with the Talmud's assertion.

6. The Talmud states that Sodom, unlike other cities in the area, only existed for 52 years. The ruins in Numeira (possibly one of the cities of the plain) indicate that the city lasted less than 100 years.

7. The Bible attributes the destruction of the cities to a fiery storm that rained down from above. Thick layers of burnt material covering the remains of the cities in the area bear this out.

Never doubt the Word of God. “The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever,” Isaiah 40:8, I Peter 1:24.

 By Steven Rowitt, Ph.D.