Why Does Creation Matter?

Why Does Creation Matter?



How would you answer this question? Does it matter whether or not you were purposefully created? Would you say yes? Or would you agree with much of the secular world that it really doesn’t matter how you and 7 billion other people got here – and that what counts most, instead, is how we interact with others as we live our lives? 

If you accept the evolutionary scenario, then you believe human beings are the result of a series of purely materialistic processes. After all, there are only two possible explanations that can be entertained as to the beginning of the universe and the presence of life on our planet. The secular view is that life is the result of a series of incredibly serendipitous godless miracles, beginning with the origin of our universe. And that event was followed by the transformation of inorganic molecules as they chemically evolved into organic molecules that self-organized into all living organisms. All this supposedly took place over a long and tortuous process now known as the Theory of Evolution.

Made in God's ImageThe other explanation fills existence with meaning and purpose since it holds that man is created in the image of God, the uncreated Creator of all (see Gen. 1:26-28). This is the explanation for existence given in the Hebrew Scriptures. God created man in His image and likeness and gave him stewardship over the earth. God also revealed Himself through His Word, the Holy Scriptures. Along with the Creator’s mandate to watch over His creation, He also gave us a moral code, the knowledge of right and wrong, and a set of written commandments to tell us the difference between good and evil.

Rejection of God’s Word leads secularists to embrace a relative morality rooted in an entirely humanistic framework. Without the immutable standard of God’s Word and the light and truth emanating from the Creator, people are left to their own devices. And, as it has been noted, when your moral code is relative, everything becomes relatively moral.

This is the reason that the creation message is fundamentally important. Our eternal destiny hinges on our understanding of who we are, how we came into being and what is required of each one of us, according to the divinely inspired Word of God.

Creation Does Matter.

It is vitally important that we stand up for the truth contained in the first book of the Bible. If Christians compromise and doubt the Genesis account, it may lead others to question the rest of Scripture, including the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Teaching CreationismMinistry Update

CSI Reaching the World with the Truth of Creation & the Gospel of Jesus Christ

At Creation Studies Institute, we understand that this is a foundational issue. Thanks to generous friends like you, our Bible-based ministry is making an impact worldwide on both the church and on today’s culture. We are committed to teach the truth about our Creator God.

Creation Discovery Museum Outreach:

Teens learn Creationism at the Discovery MuseumWe are excited to announce that we have expanded the availability of Museum tours to weekdays. During the first 3 months of 2016 alone, we’ve had 10% more visitors than in the previous 8 months! Every visitor brings a unique story. A single working mom told us she drove more than an hour so her son could learn about Christ as our Creator. She did so out of concern that his public school gives him nothing but evolutionary teaching.

Like this mom, many parents bring their kids from Christian and public schools to be equipped with the Biblical truth of Creation. We’ve received visitors from all over the US, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, and the UK.

Hispanic Outreach:
CSI’s Hispanic Outreach program continues to grow. In South Florida, more Hispanic families are visiting our Museum, volunteering, and participating in our ministry events and activities. CSI’s Hispanic Outreach Team has completed the Spanish translation of Tom DeRosa’s book, Evidence for Creation. Material from the book is already being integrated into science classes at Boston International School, a top Christian school in Barranquilla, Colombia. We have reached Hispanic and Brazilian youth groups in local churches and hosted our first Creation Museum Field Trip in Spanish for children from Merida, Mexico.

CCA Merica Mexico visits Creation MuseumIn Colombia, our CSI leader, Dr. Edgar Palacio, has continued his work training groups of local Christian professionals and college students through conferences introducing scientific Creationism. More than 250 men and women across northern Colombia have been reached so far in 2016. Our Hispanic Outreach leader, Johnny Maury, M.Sc., visited several schools in May to speak to over 300 students and teachers, and assist in the inclusion of the Creation message into the school’s science curriculum. Officials in the Colombian school report that students have been asking: “Where do we find evidence that supports Creation and strengthens our faith?”

Our Hispanic Outreach’s efforts to develop and distribute Spanish Creation literature are a direct answer to this need. These efforts are laying the groundwork to spread the Creation message and the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Colombia and the rest of the Spanish-speaking world.


Now is the chance to reach the lost – but we need your help!


An alarming number of young people are walking away from the church and from their faith altogether. Sadly, one of the reasons is the evolutionary instruction public school teachers give students on a daily basis. It’s a direct assault on the Creation message, which is an essential part of the Christian walk and foundational to our faith.

Our ministry's mission centers on presenting viable reasons for the hope we have in Christ, as we’re instructed to do in 1 Peter 3:15. Investigative journalist Lee Strobel demonstrates how reason is consistent with Biblical faith in his classic DVD, “The Case for Faith.” He explains that doubting your faith is not the problem, but the overriding theme in his DVD is the importance of challenging our doubts. In this superbly produced documentary, Strobel, a former atheist, thoughtfully probes deep questions like “Why is evil and suffering permitted in this world if God is all-powerful, all-knowing and all-loving?”

This DVD is not just for the believer, but also for the nonbeliever who is searching for a new perspective of God. It brings one to the realization that our Christian faith is unique among all other religions, because it is a living faith made alive through Jesus Christ. He is not only the central figure in Christian belief, but because He is the only acceptable sacrifice for sin, He is the only way to gain entrance into heaven and be in the presence of a holy God.

Our ministry would like you to have this powerful and insightful resource, packaged in a quick sleeve to make it easy for you to pass it on to your loved ones, friends and those who are struggling with their faith. For your donation of $20 or more, we will send 2 DVDs, one for your household and the other for you to share with someone that God leads you to. It is our desire to spread the hope of Jesus Christ to a world that so desperately needs the Savior.