Promoting Atheism

Promoting Atheism


Bullying Creationists in our Schools
To listen, to interact, and to be engaged with others who have differing opinions is a hallmark that has made this country great. The First Amendment has given us the right to express our own ideas and opinions. This is a distinct American principle as well as a God-given right. However, if you question Darwinian evolution today, this right apparently no longer exists. Your basic freedom of inquiry is stripped away by those who oppose you.

There are numerous cases cited where educators and professors are intimidated, punished, exiled, and terminated from employment if they dare to mention Creation, Creator, Intelligent Design, or  Intelligent Designer. Their First Amendment rights have supposedly been forfeited, and they become subject to an entirely secularist agenda. The following incident is a typical example of what happens to creationists who move into the public forum. This incident took place on October 21, 1999 and I was directly involved.

CSI was invited to a public school in Florida to present its impressive collection of fossilized Columbian mammoth bones. We were asked to give a short presentation to a large number of students in the school explaining how the bones were found. The students, teachers, and administrators were excited after hearing the presentation and viewing the fossils. They had even asked that a local newspaper reporter be in attendance for the CSI visit. After we finished the presentation, the reporter stated that he was excited about the presentation and our display. He actually left saying that it was excellent and presented in such a way that all would understand.

At the end, the reporter left with a CSI brochure that included our ministry goal to make disciples for Jesus Christ using the Creation message. This brochure was not given to the students, and they were not  proselytized in any way. He took the brochure to his editor who completely turned the whole experience around. The next day, he published an article that vilified CSI’s presence at this public school. He claimed our visit violated the separation of Church and State, even though not one word was said about God or any other deity in the display or in the presentation.

The presentation addressed an alternative theory that suggested a catastrophic event such as a worldwide flood could have produced an Ice Age. There were no objections from the parents or school staff that day.

The antagonistic reaction to CSI’s presentation was perpetrated solely by the local newspaper. After the article was published, both the teacher and principal who were responsible for bringing CSI to the school that day were subject to an inquiry by the Superintendent of the District. They were warned that this should never be allowed again. Although our attorney noted there was no violation of any law on our part, after a meeting with the Superintendent, CSI was barred from that school district. We decided not to protest the action taken by the district Superintendent to avoid jeopardizing the teacher’s employment who had originally invited CSI onto that school campus.  

There are several other incidents that have adversely affected our ministry efforts to get the message out into the public forum. We have been subject to evolutionists’ bullying tactics that  are intended to censor the creationist view. Over the years, many have lost their jobs and far more have had their opposing scientific viewpoints on Darwinian evolution suppressed. The question must be asked, “Why is Evolution so dogmatically taught while censoring the right bestowed on every American to speak freely?”

According to a poll taken on January 5 - 9, 2016, produced by the Discovery Institute using the statistical tool SurveyMonkey, it was reported that millions of Americans have overwhelmingly rejected the exclusive dogmatic teaching of evolution. Ninety-three percent of Americans agreed that “teachers and students have the academic freedom to objectively discuss both the scientific strengths and weaknesses of evolution.” What's more, 88% agree that “scientists who raise scientific criticisms of evolution should have the freedom to make their arguments without being subjected to censorship or discrimination.”

The principle of bringing other ideas to the table, especially when it comes to origins, is truly what America is all about. The very nature of science is that it is a dynamic process subject to change, therefore it should always be open to other alternative viewpoints. Certainly, this is a basic principle that defines the essence of science, and it is presently being ignored in our public science classrooms today.     

If you bring alternative viewpoints that might remotely point to God (like Intelligent Design) into the classroom, it is considered a violation of the “wall of separation between church and state.”

If you bring alternative viewpoints that might remotely point to God (like Intelligent Design) into the classroom, it is considered a violation of the “wall of separation between church and state.” Unfortunately, this concept continues to be misunderstood. This phrase “separation of church and state” was first used by Thomas Jefferson in a letter to the Danbury Baptist Association dated January 1, 1802. It was written to assure these citizens that their freedom to practice their religion could not be abridged by the government, thereby prohibiting the State or Federal government from establishing a government-sanctioned religion or favored denomination. The framers of the Constitution never meant to exclude God or religious expression from the public forum. As matter of fact, they endorsed prayer by including it during the Constitutional Convention of 1787. One of our country’s founders, Benjamin Franklin, recognized the need to have God involved in governing this country. He stated, “The longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth— that God governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without his aid?”

In fact, the first congressional chaplain was elected on May 1, 1789, and has served by opening the daily business of government with prayer ever since. In 2015, atheists sued to be included in the performance of the opening prayer. They were denied. The good news is that every attempt to bar these types of prayers in government settings have been shot down by the Supreme Court. That does not mean that a court stacked with progressive judges won’t reverse these decisions and give atheists another victory in their godless agenda.

While the court has upheld the constitutionality of the congressional chaplain over the years, the Supreme Court has had a history of ignoring what the framers intended.  They have often incorrectly set a precedent that prohibits the mention of God in public school settings. It’s as if they replace “freedom of religion” with “freedom from religion.” This further confuses the public and opens the door to unbridled atheism. 

Many times, school officials are so ignorant concerning the court rulings on the so-called establishment clause, that they often punish students without the benefit of understanding the legal ramifications of their actions. Student-led prayer during their own personal free time is completely protected by the Constitution. Oftentimes, a letter from a Christian legal watchdog group is enough to reverse some of the ignorant decisions school administrators have made that have violated these students’ constitutional rights.  

Brainwashing in Public Places
In a dictatorship, where the government has all the power, the people have no real freedom of speech. They do not dare to criticize the actions of their government. If they do, they may be punished. Isn’t that what is happening in our educational system today regarding the exclusive teaching of evolution? There is no critical thinking allowed when it comes to evolution. It is presented over and over as a fact, and not just in science classes. It has spread to many other academic disciplines. It has become part of the academic culture, and it is forced upon all those who want to be part of the prestigious intellectual class.

When censorship is practiced so openly, and told with such authority, it becomes a form of brainwashing. Brainwashing is defined by Merriam Wester as the “forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and to accept contrasting regimented ideas.” When one reads textbooks, carefully reviews curriculum, and observes what is being said about evolution in classrooms today, it is easy to conclude that the only mention of creation is in the context of evolutionary theory. There is a direct connection to the proselytizing of this atheistic viewpoint that is forced upon the next generation in our schools. This is done without regard to the values that Americans hold dear. The promoters of evolution are the skilled academicians who purposely want to discredit God’s Word, especially with regard to the Genesis Account.

Worldwide Atheism on the Rise
According to pollsters, the worldwide atheistic movement is increasing at a steady pace. The Pew Research Center supports this claim, reporting on December 18, 2012 that a group which was termed “religiously unaffiliated” composed of atheists, agnostics, and people who do not identify with any particular religion were heavily concentrated in Asia and the Pacific. It reports that three quarters (76%) of the world’s population is considered unaffiliated. It should come as no surprise that this region houses the largest number of communist countries including Red China, Laos, Vietnam, and North Korea. Communism uses evolution as their core truth. This supports their atheistic worldview. They can then rid the Word of God and the values that surround worshiping and giving thanks to the Creator.

Europe is continually falling farther away from faith in God. It reached 12% religiously unaffiliated, while in America the number was 5%. Although America’s number is low by comparison, in a more recent poll, the Pew Research Center has identified an increase from the Atheists/Agnostics in 2007 of 4% of the population growing to 7% in 2014. The Gallup Poll taken several times over 32 years supports this kind of trend. Its focus was on the controversial Creation/Evolution debate and the people’s preference about origins. The extensive research study was taken from 1982 to 2014, and reports that the atheistic viewpoint which was only 19% in 1982 doubled over those 32 years.

Although atheism is growing in America, it’s still a small representation of what Americans believe. Most people in America favor a creationist explanation for the origin of human life. Reports show that 40% - 47% favor the creationist argument over the theistic evolutionist point of view. The theistic viewpoint states that God used evolutionary processes for everything to come into existence. According to this, they believe that God was behind the theory that humans share a common ancestor with some primates (monkeys). This belief has many prestigious followers like Francis Collins, famous for his leadership of the Human Genome Project. He is presently the Director of the National Institutes of Health. Such a belief finds itself opposing the biblical model that man was directly created in the image of God as stated in Genesis 1:27 and Genesis 2:7. Man was not the result of evolutionary processes, because God was personally involved in forming man as the Bible states, “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.” (Gen. 2:7)

What can we do?
If there was logic involved with being agnostic or atheist, it might be presented as a formidable argument against the existence of God. However, Scripture makes it clear, “The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God,’” (Psalm 14:1) This group has been making a great deal of noise. They are emboldened by the current status of the indoctrination of evolutionary teaching and the growing atheistic movement.

Jeffrey Johnson has correctly defined this illogical position of a creation without a Creator calling it “the absurdity of unbelief.” He has written a book by the same title. There are many illogical viewpoints that Johnson carefully exposes including existentialism, pantheism, relativism, and others that all contradict themselves. This book gives the reader a solid foundation of faith, making it an important resource for every Christian.

Along with this book, for a donation of $35.00, you will also receive the new DVD from outspoken evangelist Ray Comfort titled, “The Atheist Delusion.” This dynamic video demonstrates one of Comfort’s best arguments against atheism with logical questions that leaves atheists and agnostics speechless. It makes a great companion to Johnson's book, The Absurdity of Unbelief.

We need your help, we must take the truth of our Creator to our nation.  “If the foundations are destroyed,” Psalm 11:3 demands, “what can the righteous do?” I am committed to restoring the foundation of God’s truth to our culture. I pray you will stand with our ministry in this vitally important work.

Please remember CSI in your prayers, and consider making a special financial contribution as we need your assistance in accomplishing our end-of-the-year goals.

Your Brother in Christ,
Tom DeRosa
Executive Director of CSI