Dear Partner in Christ

Dear Partner in Christ,

This year we are celebrating thirty years of ministry through Creation Studies Institute (CSI), serving our Lord Jesus Christ in the passion and mission He has given us over three decades. It has been a real pleasure to serve our Savior in reaching the world with the truth of Creation and gospel of Jesus Christ. Through many educational outreaches, we have reached thousands upon thousands of lives and have had the privilege to impact and strengthen them in their Christian walk.

I still remember the day on August 17, 1978 when I walked in to be interviewed as a Physics and Chemistry Instructor at Westminster Academy (W.A.) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and met with the Headmaster, Dr. Ken Wackes. God used this man to bring me the Gospel of Christ and to tear down my atheistic beliefs. He would mentor me to become a leader in Christ over the 25 years I taught at W.A. If this had not taken place, there would be no CSI ministry and no impacting of lives for Christ.

I loved this man of God who went on to heaven on March 22, 2018. God used Dr. Ken Wackes to bring me to the kingdom of eternity where he is now rejoicing with the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. This ministry would have not been given birth if wasn’t for the love for Christ’s righteousness that this man exemplified so freely. God’s joy lives within us to continue Dr. Wackes’ good works. God uses people like Dr. Ken Wackes to change history.  Click Here and witness the kind things Dr. Ken Wackes attributed to our ministry through my personal testimony.

God uses His people like you and me to effect change in this world that needs to hear and experience the real truth of Jesus, our Creator. We need to continue preaching God’s Word and teaching the next generation of God’s wonders for the next 30 years. We can only move forward with God’s people partnering with us to continue serving our Creator in this ministry. It’s so vital to have your support to serve our Lord in our Creation ministry as we need to expand our staff as well the space in which we serve. In addition, we need to serve the young and old that continually need to be fed with informative classes, exciting programs at our museum, and creation materials that will change lives for Christ’s honor.  

Please become partners with us as God uses His people to move this ministry forward by joining us with both prayers and your financial support. We need to add at least another 100 monthly donors with at least a $35 gift to assist us as we move from month to month in expanding and meeting our needs. Please consider joining us to make change in a very confused world with the creation message of Jesus Christ.

Thanks for standing with us in Christ.

Tom DeRosa

Executive Director of
Creation Studies Institute