CSI Looking Ahead to 2022

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The dogmatic atheistic teaching of evolution in our schools and public media promotes darkness and blindness concerning the truth of humanity’s need for a Creator and Savior. In 2022 we will continue with zeal and courage to wage a war on the great compromise in our churches stemming from the belief of evolution. This compromise begins a slide down a slippery slope for the erosion of other major tenants of a biblical Worldview. Our CSI goals for next year will be to better equip the next generation in this war.

God’s Calling for the 2022 Year

1. Expand CSI’s Digital Footprint
As we begin the 2022 year our goal is to extend our ministry’s impact to many more thousands by expanding our digital footprint through our website with a two-prong approach:

a. On-line Experiments
We have a long history of educational hands-on activities for children and families. We want to share these exemplary activities online, so that young minds can experience God so they can defend the truths of Creation and the Gospel.

b. Training-up Leaders
We also want to make available the adult classes where we teach on the fundamentals of Creation studies in different areas in Science, the Bible and Worldview. In the past years, we began this process with our monthly articles that are located on our website. The topics are focused on giving pastors, church leaders, and others the tools and resources they need to disciple other Christians. We want the army of Christ to be able to boldly share their hope as it states in 1 Peter 3:15,

“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.”

2. Creating New Programs - Exposing the 8 Great Myths of Evolution
In the past, we have reached out to hundreds of churches and schools addressing many areas of the Creation/Evolution debate. The next goal for 2022 is to initiate a new program that we believe we have been directed to implement titled, “Exposing the 8 Great Myths of Evolution.”

Our CSI seminars for churches and schools will focus on easy-to-understand presentations with practical points so that these 8 myths can be seen clearly. It will be accompanied by using materials and resources intended for those participants to share the evidence that not only debunks evolution but gives God His true glory. This resource will be available on our website, and it is a great tool for evangelism.  

3. Expand the CSI Ministry in South America
Our CSI Hispanic Ministry continues to expand in South America, even during the Pandemic.

In 2021, we shared the truth of Creation and the Gospel of Jesus with more than 1,620 children and adults in our partner schools and churches in Colombia, SA. After our participation during this year’s Science Fair at Boston International School, the science coordinator, Ms. Nasly Prieto, told us:

May the Lord reward you for all that you have given us. The children will grow up with the Word of God AND with the clear understanding that true science does not contradict the Bible.

In 2022, we will continue bringing the hope of the gospel to Colombia and Latin America by concentrating on two main areas: equipping partner schools with Creation conferences and teacher training while providing free online seminars, literature, and leadership training to churches in their native tongue. Our Hispanic goal is to double the impact we had in 2021.


How Can You Assist Us?

Give now to win the battle of the minds and souls of our next generation!

All these goals above come with a cost above the normal operations budget. CSI is looking forward to reaching the goal with partners at this level.

Help us to continue serving our Lord in 2022 with the goals I mentioned in this letter by partnering with us to make them a reality. Please consider supporting our ministry, especially with your prayers and sacrificial financial gifts, as we ask God to give us the wisdom to navigate a confusing world that needs to witness the eternal hope of their Creator who came to earth to become their Savior. This month we are offering the book, "The Heavens: A Different View" for a donation of $40 or more. 

In Christ,

Tom DeRosa