Seagrave's Testimony

Family Testimony



"CSI has greatly shaped my Biblical worldview and the Biblical worldview of my children."

These encouraging words were written by Elycia Seagrave who, along with her children, has been involved in our Creation Studies Institutes (CSI) programs since 2015. She has been an active participant in many of our activities, that I have personally witnessed, including the Ice Age Fossil Float adventure.
She stated that

“One of the most incredible experiences we have ever had was on a Fossil Float when we found a giant ground sloth toe claw in the Peace River!”  

Our ministry’s mission has not only been realized by Elycia and her family, but we have reached thousands of families like hers over the years. We encouraged them to build their worldview on the Word of God by overwhelmingly affirming His works of Creation. Our Lord loves us so much that he has revealed Himself through His creation so that all can experience Him and know that He is the source of all truth. We give God all His due praise for allowing us at CSI to continue to serve Him. Since 1988, we have been touching so many lives and they have been becoming mature in Christ as we help them build a foundation for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We thank God for all those who supported our ministry with their prayers and generous donations by staying with us over the years. It is the reason why we can provide services for the Seagrave family, and so many others, as Elycia so appropriately shares at the end of her letter:

CSI does a wonderful job showing us how the Bible and science align because our Great Creator is the Author of all of it. The more that we study creation science, the more that we get to see the power of our Lord. We look forward to many more years of studying the Lord through His creation and partnering with Creation Studies Institute!

Her comments demonstrate how God is allowing our ministry to impact parents and their children. They are becoming stronger in their faith so that there will be a bright light of Christ’s righteousness in this very dark and confusing world. It demonstrates that our ministry is involved in people’s lives through hands-on educational experiences and that we can also know God by the work of His hands.

Help us continue serving families like the Seagraves in 2022.


Please consider supporting our ministry, especially with your prayers and sacrificial financial gifts, as we ask God to give us the wisdom to navigate a confusing world that needs to witness the eternal hope of their Creator who came to earth to become their Savior. This month we are offering the book, "The Heavens: A Different View" for a donation of $40 or more. 



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In Christ,

Tom DeRosa