Cooling is a Sign of Global Warming in a Topsy-Turvy World

Cooling is a Sign of Global Warming in a Topsy-Turvy World 

That was the title of an article I wrote for the Creation Studies Institute’s website back in January 2010. What was beginning to become painfully evident, even a half a decade ago, was that the dire predictions of global warming alarmists were not coming to pass. In that article, I also reminded the readers that this was not the first time these doomsday naysayers have been wrong. I wrote:

I must admit all of this sounds vaguely familiar. It seems that just like Alice, we have all been taken on some collective romp through the looking glass into a very strange up is down, topsy-turvy environment. And this takes me to the point of this short article. That’s right, the environment. What is really causing these record cold temperatures to manifest and is it really just a blip on the radar screen or, as most experts are telling us, it is the beginning of a 20-30 year cooling trend on the planet? After all, I am old enough to remember the hype that accompanied the last weather related doomsday scenario that warned of the coming Ice Age in 1974 (Time magazine).

Global Warming becomes Climate Change
Because there is a trillion-dollar investment in curtailing the fluctuations of temperature on planet Earth, no one is going to admit the obvious. That the temperature of our planet has varied in a cyclical pattern even since man began to measure such things. As the evolutionary crow flies, mankind has been on our planet for 200,000 years. That timeline, like all evolutionary timelines, has grown from 10,000 years to almost a quarter of a million years in my lifetime alone. What has not changed, and this a much better predictor of how long man has been around, is the 6,000-year figure associated with the first signs of civilization. In fact, this is almost identical to the biblical timeline. And because man did not evolve from an ape-like common ancestor 200,000 years ago, but was created in the image of God, the development of civilizations would have been almost immediate. This too is the record of the history of the world recorded in the book of Genesis.

Follow the Money
Attempting to control the natural fluctuations of temperature on this planet is both a futile and an extremely costly endeavor. In 2013, climate change expenditures worldwide came to 359 billion USD.

In 2013, climate change expenditures worldwide came to 359 billion USD. Money spent by our government alone authorized expenditures in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Money spent by our government alone authorized expenditures in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Both domestic and international expenditures have been increasing since 2013. So what are we seeing? We are seeing a self-perpetuating industry based on very dubious research. How dubious you might ask. An exchange of emails revealed that certain “facts” about global warming had to be suppressed. Why? Because the facts seem to contradict the claims of severe manmade global warming was going to harm the planet.

One of those facts was so damaging that the so-called experts in England and the USA emailed each other and conspired concerning the need to eliminate it. What was this damning data? It was a timeframe known as the Medieval Warming Period. At that time, between approximately 900 and 1300 AD, the earth was considerably warmer than it is today and there were no SUV’s and evil industrial pollutants choking the atmosphere (Heartland Institute 2006). Overlook the fact that the Sun is the furnace of our solar system and the most influential variable concerning our weather patterns on planet Earth (Felix 2008). Disregard the truth that weather on our planet has been cyclically going up and down since the beginning of recorded time and ignore the tens of thousands of qualified experts who strongly disagree with the concept that human generated greenhouse gases, e.g. CO2 and methane attributed to human activities, are the main culprits of this doomsday theory (Scientists Against Global Warming 1998).

At Creation Studies Institute, we will always defer to the clear teaching of Scripture. While we are mindful of the facts, proper research included, we will also look for the wisdom of the Lord as He has provided it to us through His Word. God has written what will surely come to pass and all of His children should be sifting everything we hear and see through the filter of God’s Word. Only then will our lights shine brightly in a world that is filled with fear-based darkness. Only then can we truly point to the Savior explaining to others why our hearts are not troubled and why no matter what may come, we can have perfect peace.

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Submitted by Steve Rowitt, Ph.D.