8 Absurd Things Atheists Must Believe Before Breakfast (Part 1)

8 Absurd Things Atheists Must Believe Before Breakfast Part 1

Compiled by Don Cain

Seeing Beyond The Cheese

The cheese equals “no God,” which is perceived as personal freedom (the illusion of autonomy). The “hammer” in the trap represents the consequences with God out of the picture. Sadly, under the guise of science, we have gone for the cheese and not seen the resulting consequences. With “no God” in the final analysis, nothing matters. In fact, with God out of the picture, all that remains is:

• No meaning
• No value
• No significance
• No purpose
• No hope
(and some may think)
• No restraints against evil impulse

8 Impossible Things Atheists Must Believe Before Breakfast:

ONE: Nothing created everything
TWO: Chaos created order
THREE: Non-Life created life
FOUR: Non-Consciousness created consciousness
FIVE: Non-Personal created personal
SIX: Non-Rational created rational
SEVEN: Blind created vision
EIGHT: Deaf created hearing


If you have been told science, evolution, natural selection or Big Bang cosmology have proved God does not exist – then you have been lied to. They are not telling you the truth. Those theories are only attempts at alternate explanations of things without acknowledging God.

What scientific evidence could possibly prove that something that happened in the past was caused by invisible force “A” (evolution) and not by invisible force “B” (God)?

Where would you start? Can you even conceive how such a thing could be tested? How could it be verified? The Scientific Method is clear and plain: the process must be observable, repeatable, and verifiable by an independent third party. The Scientific Method is clear and plain: the process must be observable, repeatable, and verifiable by an independent third party. Yet it can seem that most of the scientists, educators, and highly intelligent people want to believe that evolution and natural selection are true science, and that science has ruled against the existence of God. Therefore they live as if He does not exist. And they often persuade the rest of us that they are right and justified in this belief. (Even a casual look at society today reveals the bankruptcy of that foundation.)

There is no conceivable way to prove or disprove evolution, and yet an impressive majority of intellectuals contend it is fact. Why do you suppose they hold to it?

Well, can you understand that if someone believes the existence of God would be very bad news, then perhaps no matter what evidence is shown, nothing would convince them? They have too much at stake. If one has already made up his mind, before going into the laboratory to begin his research, he would be predisposed, (biased) before he begins. If he wants to explain things a different way, he can say most anything plausible. Who would feel qualified to challenge him?

Maybe you are thinking this charge of bias is a serious charge. Yet there are revealing indications of bias. For example: When an alternate theory, such as the theory of Intelligent Design, is put forth by reputable scientists, and is roundly and resolutely refused and rejected, isn’t the most likely explanation that Intelligent Design would not be seen as good news by those who don’t want a God in the picture? Bear in mind, anti-Intelligent Design minds do not have any science they can point to that shows their view is the result of (A) and not (B). But the opposition is uniform and absolute, and definitely without any true scientific proof.

They have ruled for decades. God is ruled out of the schools, resulting in fenced compounds complete with metal detectors at the entrances. He is ruled out of the courthouses, resulting in crowded prisons and a high and discouraging recidivism rate. It’s all just more evidence proving the failure of their assumptions, resulting in disastrous policies in abortion, same sex marriage and gender confusion decisions about public bathrooms. All this is at a great cost, both morally, monetarily and in even in personal safety.

What difference does it make with God in the picture?
See if you agree that it makes all the difference in the world! The answers to the foundational and fundamental questions of Identity (Who am I) and Significance (Do I matter), and Purpose (What should I be doing) are radically different, and indeed opposite based on where you start in your line of thinking.

Are we mere accidents, products of random events? Do we have any enduring significance or any purpose at all beyond an enlightened self interest?

What Is Behind It All?
Here is an interesting approach. Let’s see what you think. Take a moment and examine the three lines of evidence that together, conclusively, show that the Bible could not possibly be the result of mere human origin.

Internal Evidence
The Bible is a collection of sixty-six documents, written over a period of more than thirteen hundred years by some forty authors. Among its many scribes were shepherds, a tax collector, a physician, fishermen and others who lived on three continents – Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Consider any other book written by a group, who for the most part did not know each other. These men were from different times and cultures, wrote during different periods of time, yet, their understanding of God was congruent, and the concept of God’s unfolding plan was consistent and coherent. No other such book exists. That in itself is remarkable. Most books are out of date after only a few decades.

External Evidence
Over the hundreds of years during which archeology has explored the Holy Lands, millions of dollars and millions of man hours have been invested in the excavations. Researchers have learned a great deal. A vast number of names of people and places from thousands of years ago have been unearthed. Even with all these discoveries, not one has ever disproved a biblical statement.

Fulfilled Prophecy
Perhaps the most concrete evidence of the Bible’s supernatural origin is the recording of prophecy that has been documented to have been fulfilled.

The prophecies of Daniel concerning the coming Messiah and the destruction of the Temple (fulfilled in A.D. 70) have been attacked by critics who suspected the book must have been written after the events. However, Daniel and the rest of Jewish Scriptures were translated from Hebrew and Aramaic into Greek in the 200 BC era. This fact clearly establishes that the prophecies were written hundreds of years before the events took place. Many other Jewish Scriptures foretelling the Messiah’s birth and first advent are recorded in Isaiah 53, Psalm 22, and other places. You can Google “Messianic prophecies.” This can be demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt. That should dramatically change a secular skeptic’s view of the world and everything in it.

Some have questioned the reliability of New Testament documents. They believe that much of the Scripture was not contemporaneous with the events proclaimed in its pages. They say much of the book may have been written later, perhaps a hundred, or even hundreds, of years after the actual events occurred.

Secular history records the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in A.D. 70. Yet, there is no mention of this in the New Testament. The Temple was far more significant in the lives of the Jewish people of that day than the World Trade Center was in the lives of most Americans today.

The World Trade Center was so large that it had its own zip code and subway stops. Suppose you found a travel brochure about the Center. It would tell you many facts: the number of people who worked there, the number of visitors on a typical day, and perhaps the number of restaurants and meals served each day.

Now, assume you find no mention of 9/11 or that day’s collapse of the towers? Isn’t the most likely explanation that the booklet was printed before the events which destroyed the towers ever took place? The destruction of the Temple fulfilled the prophecy of Jesus. This would have validated His credentials as a prophet. The fact that the New Testament has no mention of it is best understood by concluding that the New Testament accounts were written by eye witnesses before the events of A.D. 70 took place, just as the Bible records.

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