Follow the evidence with an open mind

God's Plan for Israel

Follow the evidence with an open mind

The evidence investigated should bring one to a Creationist worldview because the universe is the work of the infinite intelligent God.

There are overwhelming testimonies from those who approached the evidence with an open mind and, as a result, started to question the worldview of naturalism. No matter from what perspective they studied the evidence, whether at the molecular level or by gazing at the heavenly bodies, they discovered evidence of a plan and a design. When they freed themselves from the chains of the religion of naturalism and allowed themselves to be taken to where the evidence led, the mechanism of evolution was abandoned. Recently, The Intelligent Design movement, led by Berkley law professor Phillip Johnson, has enlisted established scientists who are challenging, with some success, the whole evolutionary thesis.

There is no shortage of compelling evidence to lead one to the verdict that God is the Creator. In Romans 1:19, Paul states that evidence for God’s creative work in the world “is plain to them” and “can be clearly seen.” This indicates that God reveals something of Himself through His creative work. The evidence for God from nature is so compelling, in fact, that “men are without excuse” in denying God (v. 20). The Scripture affirms that if one views the evidence without the bondage of naturalism, one will be free to see God the Creator.

But that is not enough. God the Creator is also God our Savior. The Apostle John opens his gospel with the declaration that “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” The Gospel of John begins just as Genesis 1, with the three word, “In the beginning.” In Genesis 1:3, God states, “‘Let there be Light.’” In John, the “Word” is not only the Creator, but the Word made flesh—Jesus Christ, the source of life and light, the one who brings everlasting life. Genesis 1 and John 1 demonstrate a link between God our Creator and God (Jesus Christ) our Savior. The examination of the evidence for creation should not just bring one to recognize God as Maker, but also bring the honest inquirer to a personal relationship with Christ his Savior, the life and light of the world.