Is There Evidence of a Global Flood

Is There Evidence of a Global Flood?


by Jim DiPasquale

Some may find it a bit amusing that the current orthodox view of Martian archeology holds that it was once almost completely covered in water! When we look at Mars today we see a barren waste land devoid of all water except for small amounts frozen at the extreme poles.

Image of Planet Earth and MarsWhen you look at earth, the big blue marble in space, you see that it is over 70% covered with water. Yet, ironically, folks say "It's preposterous to think that there could have been a global flood!"

Is there any observational data that would lend credence to the assertion that the Biblical account of the Flood of Noah’s day occurred?


Let's look at just three:

1. The Fossil Record
If you take the current elevations of the mountains and try to cover them all with water, there would not seem to be enough. Yet, scientists agree that some of the tallest mountain ranges and deepest ocean trenches are relatively young. We need to keep in mind that according to the Biblical model, the topography of the earth before the flood was far different than that of today and was forever destroyed. Today’s familiar mountain ranges and vast ocean basins are actually a result of the cataclysmic flooding event. The fact that the very topography of the planet is composed of billions of dead things buried in rock layers laid down by water all over the earth is mute testimony of a planetary flooding event! In fact, the fossil record is just what you would expect to find if there truly was a global flood as related in Genesis.

Fossil of a DinosaurAt least 95 percent of all animal fossils are of marine invertebrates. But quite often we come across what have been termed "Fossil Graveyards". These are places where huge numbers of divergent species of animals are all found jumbled up and buried together. This is another phenomenon that fits well with the Biblical account of a global flood.

Did you know that marine fossils are found at the peaks of mountains. If you ever get a chance to go excavating on the top of Mount Everest, you may wonder how clams and mollusks managed to become deposited there. Or how whale fossils are found high in the Andes Mountains. Carbon 14 dating has demonstrated that many presumably old fossils are geologically young, which makes them fit quite nicely with the Biblical record!

2. The Grand Canyon
There are a number of working global flood hypotheses posed to explain the pre-Flood, Flood, and post-Flood periods of geologic history. The Receding Flood Scenario (RFS) is one that is able to explain how the Grand Canyon formed much better than the simplistic Colorado River Model.

3. Flood Stories
Did you know that there are flood stories from almost every culture and people group of the world? That includes the Native Americans, Babylonians, Grecians, Egyptians and Chinese as well as many others. Let’s consider the similarities of just one Flood Story from the Australian Aboriginal to the account given in Genesis and note the similarities together.

Similarities to Genesis

•    The flood was sent to judge wickedness.
•    God sent the flood to drown all the people.
•    It began to rain.
•    All the land was covered.
•    A man and his wife in a boat with an animal.
•    A bird with a leaf in its mouth was the sign of dry land.
•    They landed on a mountain. All other people drowned.
•    There was a sacrifice of blood at the end of the flood.

The fact that there are so many flood legends from every remote corner of the planet and from populations supposedly separated from the dawn of time is powerful evidence that there was an historical event in the not too distant past that was passed down from generation to generation.