The War for the Souls of Men

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The War for the Souls of Men


“I wonder at times why so many people believe in God.” Thus began an email sent to our website by a confused, searching student, Kathy (not her real name) that revealed her innermost struggle regarding the creation/evolution debate. Several email exchanges took place. She wanted proof of the Almighty’s existence and ended her inquiry by honestly pleading, “I just wish someone could give real facts or evidence for what they believe. I hate to admit that I feel this way, but sometimes faith just seems foolish.” Kathy was desperate for answers, because her worldview was being torn apart at college.

This young woman was being challenged in her general psychology class by a professor whom she described as “extremely atheistic, extremely liberal, and extremely outspoken about His beliefs,” and was using the university classroom as a personal pulpit to preach his anti-God agenda. Kathy related having to view a segment of ABC’s 20/20 entitled, “The Power of Belief,” about the imagination’s ability to distort reality, as easily demonstrated by children’s fantasies, as well as psychics, magicians, and other paranormal activities. Producer John Stossel specifically said that the program was not aimed at “mainstream religion,” but at those who use their minds in eccentric and unconventional ways. Apparently, the professor missed this point and used the show to equate belief in God with fantasy, weakness, and ignorance. “I felt angry that I was forced to watch that video, because our professor was preaching atheism. At the same time I didn’t want to rule something out because it made me uncomfortable,” Kathy wrote.

Kathy told us she came from a religious family whose beliefs about God sounded very traditional. However, especially after her professor told the class, “It is ignorant to run away from something that you are uncomfortable with,” she did not feel she could simply dismiss his challenges. According to him, men invented God and religions to deal with the “fear of death.” Kathy felt that “It made sense.” She went on to say that she had not believed in evolution before, but now felt there was no other option. Her innocent faith in a benevolent Creator that made her in His image had been shattered. Sadly, this scenario is typical at our universities, where atheism runs rampant and tragically takes many young minds hostage.

Over the past few decades, millions of young people have been deceived like Kathy was by a public education system that literally robs them of faith and hope—many becoming confused and depressed. As Kathy admitted: “I think about this a lot, and it’s depressing.” Steve Rowitt, an experienced pastor and health scientist, competently responds to inquiries like these for CSI. Along with facts and evidence for creation, he also shared the Good News of God’s love with Kathy, but we have since lost contact with her. We can only pray that her faith will be renewed.

I can identify with Kathy, because I was affected by the same lie from a charismatic professor many years ago.
The tactics haven’t changed much. Like the old “fear of death” ploy, they are designed to undermine belief in God and convert students into a “rational” acceptance of evolution—which is why the creation message is so important. While based on the Gospel of the One who created us to share His glory and also died for our sins, the creation message offers solid evidence and good “rational” science to back up our beliefs.

Once I came to my senses, God put a passion in my heart to form a Christ-centered science outreach—aimed directly at strengthening faith and bringing hope to all. Our ministry was founded twenty years ago for this very purpose. I know that there are thousands of students like Kathy: confused, depressed, and searching for answers in a dark world that assaults their faith and deems it “stupid.” Although now is not the time to be discouraged, but to renew our commitment to build a fortress based on the Word of God and the true facts of nature to which anyone with doubts and questions can come for ammunition to defend their faith. As the Bible says in Nehemiah 4:14:

“Don’t be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.”

Tom DeRosa
Executive Director and Founder
Creation Studies Institute