Sowing Seeds of Life (Jan. 2011)

Sowing seeds of Life

Sowing Seeds of Life


A Visit to the Museum
“I am beginning to sense that the God I once believed in is gone.” Her words from the back of the classroom were heard by all. “I went to church when I was young, but now I question if there is a God.” I felt in my spirit that I was hearing the voice of a lost soul.

This young lady and her college classmates from a local university had ventured out . . . many of them to mock us, but others to satisfy their private curiosity as to whether creationists were really nonscientific ignoramuses, “flat-earthers,” and the “crazy religious zealots” that their professor had apparently described us as being. Many were surprised to discover quite the contrary, as they toured our Creation Discovery Museum in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where their inner worlds (and the very foundations of their life-shaping investment in a secular education) were shaken up. They had no idea that this tour would be intellectually challenging and would see creationists involved in actual science, as they observed professional fossil collections presented in paradigm-shattering and thought-provoking ways.

Their university class was surprisingly entitled “Creation and Evolution,” but was it taught with even a pretense of balance? No, the total bias was “evolution,” taught in a secular worldview paradigm. Creationism was only injected in order to poke fun at it.

At our facility, we welcome people of all beliefs and backgrounds (as long as they are respectful), recognizing that the Gospel is for all to hear. Yet this group felt the need to book their private tour under the guise of being a small Jewish religious group of 12 to 15 people. The group that showed up was about 45 in strength with their professor accompanying them “incognito.” They marshaled their forces in our parking lot before streaming into our facility with smirks on their faces. By the time they left, however, at least 75% had completely changed their attitudes and gained a greater respect for creationists and the creation account, according to the later feedback of one of the students who was a Christian.

Oh, I will not pretend that any of them converted to Bible-believing creationists in one brief visit, but I’m confident we at least planted some seeds in the minds of many that afternoon. The young lady left us struggling and confused about her inner beliefs.

Please join me in praying that the Holy Spirit will work in her heart to find the truth that there is a God who loves us so much that He paid the price on Calvary so that we can live for eternity in His presence.

There was another student that stood out that day, but impacted me in a different way. As we ended the tour, she boldly interrupted me with a question. It was not just a simple inquiry about the exhibit, but was a passionate plea about the tenets of evolution. She was bright, energetic and articulate and wanted everybody in attendance to know that evolution was proven beyond question. After we moved to our classroom for a Q&A session, again this young lady rudely interrupted and insulted me in the middle of a sentence. Her classmates started to feel uncomfortable, as she failed to process the answers I gave. Strangely, at the end I found her sobbing. When I went to console her, I was confused as to what led her to tears. My only conclusion was that the evolutionary ideology she embraced had a special place in her personal existence.

Our educational institutions have fallen for the lie of evolution and continue to influence the next generation, denying our Creator. The university this young lady attends is no exception. Evolution has been taught so aggressively for the last fifty years that it’s no wonder that she feels so passionately about it. I believe her tears were a sign that the Holy Spirit was shaking her inner soul to emote bewilderment in her materialistic, ideological world. Please pray that the chains will be broken that are tying this young lady to the lie of evolution.

In my 20-plus years in the creation ministry, on numerous occasions I’ve been confronted by angry evolutionists who detest the mention of creation. Using the model of 1 Peter 3:15, I make every effort to be calm and present the reason for our hope. Frequently, I find myself a victim of harsh words, even vulgarity and attack on my character. I have developed “thick skin” over the years, understanding that this is not an academic argument but a spiritual war against “spiritual hosts of wickedness in heavenly places”
(Ephesians 6:12).

I can present my case with boldness because I know we were all given the innate knowledge, backed up by overwhelming evidence, that there is a Creator God. In Romans 1, Paul declares that the divine Godhead’s invisible qualities are manifested to us so clearly in the things He has made, that man is without excuse. So when someone disputes the Godhead’s existence, God sees it as a rebellious act of disobedience and a denial of the obvious. Romans 1:25 goes on to say that they “exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator who is blessed forever.” (My emphasis added.) A person cannot exchange the truth if they didn’t already possess it to begin with! God foresaw this issue as being serious enough to call it “the lie!” He was well aware that Satan would discover the effectiveness of “taking out” the Creator with evolution, perhaps the biggest of all lies. Hitler’s philosophy was that people will believe a “big lie” sooner than a little one, especially if repeated frequently enough.

My mind’s made up . . . don’t confuse me with the facts!
The professor was young and indistinguishable from his students, as they moved about our facility. I believe his expertise was in anthropology. He said very little during the visit until finally blurting out, “You’re wrong!” several times to a number of evidences presented by a Harvard-trained paleontologist who assisted me during the tour. The paleontologist had stated that he’d found modern or out-of-sequence artifacts at all 83 sites of fossilized homo sapien he’d personally researched. He graciously pointed out that he had been giving detailed specifics of actual dig sites. He then proceeded to ask the professor if he was omniscient (all knowing) regarding every dig site everywhere around the world, to which he arrogantly answered, “Pretty much, yes!”

The professor was not open to new information and summarily dismissed evidence that was contrary to his belief system. We, and his students, witnessed first-hand that once his evolutionary ideology was exposed to contain flaws, he just defiantly refused to listen. This is a common characteristic I have found with those who have been sold out on the evolutionary paradigm.

A large sign bearing this warning should be posted at the admissions office of every secular and parochial university or public high school that censors the Creator out of their classrooms and indoctrinates their students with evolution. In his later years, the great statesman William Jennings Bryan understood the dangers of teaching evolution as scientific fact in the schools and campaigned against it. In 1922 in Richmond, Virginia, he gave a long lecture, “On the Origin of Man,” attacking the teaching of Darwinism as being extremely dangerous, claiming it would open the door to immoral behavior in young impressionable minds. He claimed that evolution positioned mere “guesses” as observable facts and used them to indoctrinate boys and girls with anti-religious “twaddle.” Bryan concluded “how can one feel God’s presence in his daily life?” with the premise that men are “brute mammals.” Bryan took on Clarence Darrow and the ACLU atheists in the famous Scopes Monkey Trial in 1925, with a passion and a heart for what the young were being taught and how it would shape the next generation. Almost prophetically, he foretold how naturalistic evolution would eventually squeeze out any mention of God in the public domain. Our schools of today are an exact manifestation of Bryan’s warnings, and the individuals mentioned above are just three of countless millions who have fallen prey to this ideology.

The Barna (Research) Group recently polled 22,000 adults and over 2,000 teenagers in 25 separate surveys, studying why teenagers are leaving the church in epidemic proportions. Two out of three leave the church by their twenties because they become spiritually disengaged. Studies show that the youth find church increasingly less relevant as they move into their middle school years and here begins the process of separation. The next generation is being taught that their distant relatives are monkeys, and their existence is based on mere chance or circumstances and contingent on the survival of the fittest—mixed with chants that the Bible cannot be trusted. How is the church filling this gap? According to the Barna research, we are failing. It is no wonder that when our teenagers get to college they have already lost any desire to follow Christ and they assimilate so readily into our universities’ heavily-atheistic environments. Their very souls are indeed at stake.

Sowing Seeds for Christ
Christ’s parable of the farmer sowing his seed (Luke 8:4-15) can seemingly be applied to the visit of the university students to our museum. Jesus referred to the seed as the Word of God, which embodies Christ as Creator, Savior and Judge. In the parable, the farmer sowed his seed in four places. The first place is the pathway from which “the birds of the air ate it up.” I see the University professor being like the birds that eat the seed of life away. This professor uses his position to influence young minds. Their souls become the prey of the predator, whose goal is to destroy them. The young lady questioning her faith represents the rock that lacked moisture so that the seed would never grow. She went to church, but did not have a solid relationship with Christ. Now at university, where evolution is being worshiped as a god, she is bewildered and confused. The last young lady, who was so passionate about evolution, represents the seed among the thorns that is choked by the secular world’s educational system, giving a depraved view of origins. This has been a long-term process over 12 years of her education, teaching that materialistic evolution is “all there is.” Please pray that all these students and their professor may see the light of Christ and be claimed for Him.

The last place is the good ground, and this is where I humbly hope we can come in. Those who have “heard the Word with a noble and good heart” will grow and multiply in Christ. I believe our ministry is called to be a sower of seeds.

The creation message is essential to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Son of God, who created us, came down to become a Man and the sacrificial Lamb, so that we can have life, just like the seed that is sowed in the good soil. We know that there will be hearts that are not prepared to accept Christ as their Creator and Savior, but we are called to sow the seeds, nonetheless, knowing that at least some of the recipients will be transformed to new life in Jesus Christ.

This month we are offering two powerful DVD’s that will allow you to join us as sowers of seeds in 2011 and prepare the way for a plentiful harvest. Both have a production quality that rivals the very best documentaries you’d see on the major science channels, though don’t expect to see them aired there (as they routinely censor any material that challenges evolution).

God of Wonders contains the most spectacular and mesmerizing time-lapse and motion photography I have ever seen in a creationist documentary. It examines up-close wonders that range from highly-magnified snow crystals to hovering hummingbirds, or deep ocean creatures that are instantly able to “morph” their entire appearance to mimic their background. Interspersed with commentary from some of the most prominent creationists, God of Wonders is a masterpiece that will leave every viewer “without excuse” and in awe of numerous marvels . . . that only an infinitely intelligent Creator could possibly have fashioned.

Our second DVD, Darwin’s Dilemma, penetrates the secular walls of atheistic evolution, by exposing one their biggest problems in the fossil record: the “Cambrian Explosion.” For those who falsely view the geologic column as representing millions of years, the Cambrian layer contains an overwhelming explosion of complex life that seems to have occurred in a “geologic instant.” Through the elaborate computer animation for which Illustra Media is known, strange and now-extinct Cambrian fossils are “brought to life” in a virtual ocean—in front of our eyes. Being an Intelligent Design movement production, this is not a creationist DVD, and we disagree with its references to millions of years. However, this DVD can be easily shown to the evolutionist or agnostic without being dismissed as “just religion!” Use it to break through barriers of closed-mindedness and pave the way for sharing more creation-focused resources (such as God of Wonders) as a second step. This documentary meets the evolutionists on their own turf, conceding their own presuppositions about long ages, yet it still manages to utterly destroy Darwin’s theory of common descent. It leaves a gigantic hole in the edifice of those who adhere to evolutionary beliefs.