Created Male and Female (Apr. 2011)

Gay Marriage

Created Male and Female


Do you know what’s going on in the public schools today? Would it shock you to learn that children as young as five-year-olds are being taught that homosexuality is good and normal?

What began as the gradual introduction of evolution into our nation’s classroom curricula and the forbidding of prayer in our public schools has become an all-out assault on traditional beliefs and morality that uses our education system to accomplish ungodly purposes. It’s all part of a secular agenda to rid our society of biblical morality and God Himself.

Normalizing Homosexuality
Those who hold godless ideologies have long understood that the best way to transform societies and change the way people traditionally think is by indoctrinating children from the earliest stages of education. In the last century, this methodology was effectively employed by those who held the atheistic ideologies of Nazism in Germany and Communism in countries such as the Soviet Union, where the state assumed total control of the educational system—even to the extent of turning children against parents. Of course, both of these worldviews fully embraced Darwinian evolution as a way to justify their actions and nullify the beliefs of their largely Christian populations. While U.S. federal government does not have that kind of authority in our school system (not yet, anyway), is it any wonder that those who lack a biblical worldview in our country, including those with a gay agenda, have seized upon our primary schools as the main vehicle of transforming our nation more to their liking?

In America, the adoption of evolution in our schools has paved the way for the introduction of the gay agenda. Those pushing it understand that nothing will more thoroughly and quickly undermine the traditional biblical foundations of our country than the normalization of homosexuality among our nation’s school children, regardless of their parents’ beliefs. Currently, under the banner of “tolerance” or “equal rights,” states like Massachusetts, New York, California, Wisconsin and Minnesota are actively implementing a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) curriculum in their public schools. But those behind the effort to legitimize LGBT lifestyles won’t be content until this kind of curricula is taught in all of our nation’s schools. So what is being taught, you might ask, that should concern those of us in the creationist community?

A video on the Internet ( taken at New York elementary school PS 87 shows a very rational and nice-sounding teacher of 3rd graders as he asks his class about how they celebrated Mother’s Day, explaining that there are all kinds of families today. He then brings in a girl from another class to read her “award-winning” Mother’s Day essay about her parents. She innocently reads about how wonderful her two “mommies” are and how she doesn’t understand why a friend’s parents would forbid their child to play at her house, describing how she stood up for her mothers against the biblical reasons they gave her. Emily says that while she respects their views, she thinks they think “stupidly” and goes on to share that she marches in gay rights parades.

The teacher congratulates Emily, informs the class that today’s laws forbid same-sex couples like Emily’s parents from getting married and suggests they act as “pretend judges” in small groups and discuss whether gays should be allowed to marry. While some of the children disagree, predictably, most favor the idea with a decided emphasis on feelings, along the lines of: “How would you feel if the government didn’t let you get married?” Then the video shows a woman (presumably the school principal), who says that the school’s goal is to expose the students to as many experiences as possible in order to prepare them to be “the leaders of tomorrow” and to “improve our civilization.” One district in California now mandates that an LGBT curriculum be taught in all of its elementary schools and provides no opt-out for parents.

Even in states where LGBT curriculums are not being used in the classroom, a host of books promoting homosexual, bisexual and transgendered lifestyles are now available in school libraries or are read in class by teachers or guest speakers. In many cases, parental permission or even notification is neither required nor sought. You have likely heard of Heather Has Two Mommies, but now there are over 20 such books that target children as young as three years old with pro-LGBT propaganda, including titles such as: Jenny Lives With Eric and Martin, My Princess Boy and William’s Doll. In addition to introducing influences like these into our nation’s schools, some districts are also endorsing—or encouraging students —to participate in gay pride events and parades and hosting gay/lesbian photography or art exhibits. Others are incorporating such efforts under the guise of anti-bully programs. However, while those pushing the radical homosexual agenda call for “tolerance,” they often simultaneously judge or demonize those with biblical morality as “mean-spirited” and “intolerant.” It’s really all part of an even larger agenda.

The Ultimate Goal
From time immemorial, man has sought to rid himself of the God who created him. Our fallen nature resents being accountable to our Creator, much less submit to the notion of judgment, and makes us want to be our own gods. While many vain philosophies have come and gone over the course of human history, perhaps none has been so successful as the theory of evolution at deceiving people into believing that it is possible for people to be the god of their own lives. When he wrote Origin of Species, while he was reluctant to admit it himself, Darwin knew full well that he was providing a rationale for a godless universe. However, as Darwin’s grandson, Julian Huxley, wrote, “Darwin pointed out that no supernatural designer was needed; since natural selection could account for any known form of life, there was no room for a supernatural agency in its evolution.” If anything has become absolutely clear in our day, it is that the ultimate goal of evolution is to get rid of God. To the evolutionist’s chagrin, 150 years after the publication of Darwin’s book, belief in God stubbornly remains, especially in the United States. This has caused evolutionists to ramp up their efforts and to engage in an aggressive campaign of brainwashing, censorship and deception. And, once again, this is where our public schools come in.

As the saying goes, “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.” And this brainwashing technique is exactly what is being employed in our school system today, where evolution is being taught as an unassailable fact—instead of a theory. Of course, in order for brainwashing to be truly effective, alternative views also have to be shut out, which is where censorship comes in. According to its proponents, evolution has been so well proven that no “real” scientist even questions it any more. Therefore, the scientific elites proclaim that individuals—regardless of how many degrees they may have—if they don’t fully embrace evolution, they are not fit to teach in our schools. This is especially apparent at the college and university level, as documented in the film Expelled, where dozens of scienctists with Ph.Ds have lost their jobs for simply daring to question any aspect of evolution. Indeed, the scrutiny and censorship of ideas being practiced in academia today is worthy of the Spanish Inquistion. Of course, if evolution is true, not only is there no God, but there are no moral absolutes. Morality is all relative. Who’s to say what is right or wrong, or that marriage is only for members of the opposite sex? And besides, what’s to fear? If there’s no God, there’s no “last judgment” either! Hurray! At last, we can do as we please! Finally, we have found a way to become our own little gods, and so the deception goes.

A Biblical View of the Sexes
Genesis 1:27 says, So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Notice that the word “created” is used three times in this verse, emphasizing the great significance God places on this final creative act. Of all the amazing things in the universe, human beings, men and women, you and I, are of supreme importance to the Lord! We were made in His image in order, as the Westminster Catechism says, “…to know God and enjoy Him forever,” and to be His children, and He is intimately involved with our lives, our welfare and our choices. Verse 28 of Genesis goes on to say, Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it…”

Chapter two of Genesis provides more details about how God made mankind “male and female,” fashioning a being designed to help Adam fulfill His command to multiply and rule over the earth. To ensure that His final creation was “uniquely suited” or “a perfect match” for the man, unlike all the other creatures that were made out of dust, the Lord made the first woman, Eve, out of one of Adam’s ribs. And she was perfect for him.

In fact, when Adam opened his eyes and saw her for the first time, he instantly declared, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.” To capture the full meaning behind Adam’s words, commentators say the phrase, “This is now,” could easily be translated as, “At last!”

Adam saw that the beautiful creature that stood before him was like him, yet different—and he liked the difference! She was equal to Adam in all respects and equally made in God’s image, but she was different. She was not a carbon copy of Adam, but was perfectly designed—physically, mentally and emotionally—to complement him, to complete him and to enable “mankind” to fulfill God’s purposes. Specifically, they were created to have children, fill the earth, subdue it and exercise dominion or rulership over the rest of creation. Therefore, the Bible goes on to tell us, a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh, Genesis 2:24. Thus, God established marriage and family.

In the New Testament, Jesus reaffirmed God’s order for these institutions (along with validating the book of Genesis and the record of divine creation) when the Pharisees asked him about divorce. In response, He said, “Have you not read that he who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.” While Jesus was strongly refuting the Pharisees’ notion that a man could divorce his wife for almost any reason, He was also confirming the importance of marriage and the high regard God has for it. In saying, “What God has joined together, let not man separate,” I believe He was also implying that since the Almighty established marriage as the union of a male and female, no one should attempt to alter or change it.

Whenever mankind tampers with or varies from God’s established order and standards, he embarks on a dark and dangerous path—as some have put it, a “slippery slope”— into confusion, chaos and, ultimately, condemnation. Throughout the Old and New Testaments the Bible stresses the high importance and respect God has for human sexuality. Having created sex, He knows what a powerful force it is (as well as how destructive it can be), and how important it is for this area of our lives to be handled properly. Because it can be so destructive beyond its proper boundaries, the Bible condemns all sex outside of marriage. However, because it so grossly violates His plan for human sexuality, family relationships and His ultimate purposes in creating mankind, the Bible speaks in particularly harsh terms about homosexuality.

From the patriarchal days of Sodom and Gomorrah to the Law of Moses to the New Testament, God’s Word consistently declares that homosexuality is sin and warns of the condemnation it brings to the individuals who practice it and to societies that promote it. Indeed, the rampant teaching of evolution in our schools that is effectively undermining belief in God and absolute moral standards is not only creating an atmosphere of “tolerance” for homosexuality, but for just about anything. As the truism goes, “Without God, everything is permissible.” So, in reality, there’s nothing to prevent the same rationale being used today to justify homosexuality and homosexual marriage from being used tomorrow to sanction polygamy or pedophilia or… As one very honest evolutionist wrote a while back (a piece that quickly disappeared from public view), if evolution is true, then rape is a very valid and/or efficient way for a man to spread his genes. After all, why not? It’s the survival of the fittest. Of course, in a purely evolutionary world, homosexuals would naturally be bred out of existence, as well. But you won’t hear that from pro-evolution advocates.

Secure Daughters, Confident Sons is a book designed to help parents understand “authentic masculinity and femininity” and raise healthy, well-adjusted children in our “gender-confused world.” At a time when the lines between male and female have become blurred and we are being told that all lifestyle choices are equally valid, this well-documented publication clearly identifies the essence of what it means to be male and female and provides strong reasons to celebrate the wisdom and righteousness of God in creating the sexes the way He did.

As the forces of godlessness continue to undermine the biblical foundations of our nation through the promotion of evolution, homosexuality, radical environmentalism, etc., in our society and public schools, the Creation Studies Institute remains committed to shining the light of truth and providing friends like you with the resources you need to “fight the good fight.” Your gifts and prayers are essential to helping us continue engaging these battles and “equipping the saints” with the ammunition they need to prevail. Would you join us in standing for righteousness and prayerfully consider a gift to CSI today? We greatly appreciate your support.