The Emperor Has No Clothes (Oct. 2009)

Evolution the Grand Experiment

The Emperor Has No Clothes


On November 24, 2009, many will celebrate the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species (we'll call it “Origins” for short).

Richard Dawkins, an outspoken evolutionary biologist and atheist, states that Origins “must be high on any serious list of the most influential books ever written.” (I apologize if it is confusing to switch from Darwin to Dawkins in the same paragraph with their names being so similar!) Dawkins continues his praise of Darwin by suggesting as you read this book you will “immediately find yourself ushered into the presence of one of the finest minds ever to grace this planet.”

Really? We beg to differ.

This month’s featured DVD, Evolution: The Grand Experiment, systematically dismantles Darwin’s ideas – showing them to be scientifically impossible using nothing more than widely accepted principles of mainstream science and irrefutable fossil evidence. This is one of the most important resources we've featured in recent times for anyone who wants to get to grips with this divisive ideology. You’ll read more about this toward the end of my letter, but let’s first discuss what happened to get us into the situation we find ourselves in today.

Darwin’s Origins and Atheism
The reason Richard Dawkins and many other atheists are “fired up” is because Charles Darwin’s epic work marks a time in history when man defied his Creator and the written Word of God. Dawkins has popularized atheism with Darwin’s thoughts and ideas. Just as Darwin pushed the concept of a Creator out of the picture in 1859, Dawkins is trying desperately to do the same with his 2006 publication The God Delusion, which has sold over a million copies. Dawkins created a new, aggressive, atheistic movement, with Darwin and Origins front and center as weapons of mass destruction against Biblical Christianity. Dawkins boldly declares that religion is dangerous and that a belief in God is “one of the world’s great evils, comparable to the smallpox virus but harder to eradicate.” He has a passion to get rid of the God of the Old and New Testament, and much of his impetus comes from the evolution that Darwin proposed. His church is Darwin’s “church” and his altar is the book, Origins.

Eagerly Exchanging Hope for Hopelessness
The educational institutions and their scholars with all their congregants will be commemorating this publication. Why? Because they see it as the beginning of an intellectual revolution defining the way humanity views itself. Yet Darwin’s so-called “great” accomplishment can be summed up as an attempt to move man from the central position he occupied for so many years that is, created in God’s image to a place of insignificance.

In this twisted worldview, man has lost his distinctiveness and dominates only by being big-brained and intelligent. Hijacking the term “tree of life” from Genesis 2:9, Darwin’s followers see man occupying a branch of their so-called “tree of life” a tree that carries a long ancestry of knuckle-walking primates dangling from its imagined branches. Darwin’s Origins mocks the Creator and goes unyieldingly against His Word by denying Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” Darwin’s outward rejection of this verse puts mankind in a state of hopelessness, bounded as slaves without any escape from their position on the tree. Lest anyone be confused, Darwin's “tree” is really one of death, not life. It is the very antithesis of the tree of life that stood in the Garden of Eden. Darwin's trees’ occupants have a common connection through evolutionary ancestry, not through being the wonderfully unique and purposeful design of an all-intelligent Creator. According to Darwin, through ions of time of death and struggle, life became more and more complex, eventually sprouting up mankind.

In Darwin’s world, man is predestined to his conditional state and has no measure of grace from any outside source. Such Darwinian ideology goes head-to-head against the psalmist's declaration to our Creator: “You made him a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor” (Psalm 8:5). Yes, Darwin’s man is a product of death and struggle, not one of glory and honor.

A Declaration of War
It was gentlemanly rebellion that Darwin launched with the intellects of his time. He knew that his fellow Englishmen, who rubbed shoulders in the finer circles of society, held a biblical account of creation. He respectfully recognized their position at the very end of his book when he stated in the concluding remarks: “Authors of the highest eminence seem to be fully satisfied with the view that each species has been independently created.” He then appealed to them with his thesis that “I view all beings, not as special creations, but as lineal descendants of some very few beings.” It is a direct assault on the Genesis account, which states ten times “after its kind.” The Word of God makes it clear that there is no room for Darwin’s evolution by “lineal descendants.”

God never gave a decree that there would be upward change. Rather, He decreed a curse of death where everything is, in fact, winding down. The creation itself is in “bondage of decay” (Romans 8:21) and “the whole creation has been groaning as in pain in childbirth right up to the present time.” The whole concept of death is the result of God’s righteousness and His judgment upon sin: “The wages of sin is death.” God did not say “the wages of progress is death,” as Darwin and his followers would have us believe! Darwin was completely blind to the world’s condition around him, where the glaringly obvious truth is that everything is degenerating from better to worse. He missed this foundational law of nature in building his theory of evolution.

Although Darwin never came out and said it, he kept pushing his Creator more and more into the background until he was totally excommunicating himself from communion and worship of Him. Niles Eldridge, the famed evolutionist and curator of the Darwin exhibit in the American Museum of Natural History, gives Darwin credit in his publication, Darwin: Discovering of the Tree of Life (2006), for separating the Creator from his creation in the minds of men. He states, “Darwin split the scientific world from the religious world… He convinced the scientific world and beyond, the thinking world that life has evolved.” Eldridge, like many others, has a prejudice against those who have a belief and passion for a living God. Though our educational establishments carefully ignore this truth, Eldridge recognized that many of our founders of science even Isaac Newton believed in a Creator God. Eldridge gives testimony that Darwin began his momentum against the Creation account and against God at our institutions of higher learning as he states, “Darwin did more to secularize the Western world than any other single thinker in history.”

This book’s 150th-year celebration is really a celebration of man declaring war on God. It is a time etched in history where the study of God’s creation began to topple in the public forum and secularism began to reign. Everyone, particularly the Christian, should take note and become equipped to counter this serious threat.

Natural Selection: Darwin’s God
Darwin’s fame does not rest on the “discovery” of evolution alone (he was not the first to propose such an idea) but in expressing how he thought it happened. He proposed that natural selection was the prevailing mechanism that enabled simple forms of life to develop into more complex forms. The complete title of his book, The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life, illustrates the power that Darwin attributed to the concept of natural selection. His hope, centered on limited observations, was that the struggle for life would give us an upward movement of change in which the best of the best would succeed. It is with this proposal that he received his notoriety in science and became the icon that he is today.

Darwin’s hope was that natural selection would provide the pathway to sprout branches from the trunk of his "tree of life." These branches would represent major biological groups and would, in turn, develop more branches just like a tree growing bigger and bigger making an intricate network of leaves and branches. Darwin visualized that every living organism would be part of this network, continually making new types of organisms. Each would be perpetuated (or not) by their fitness (or lack thereof) to survive. Dramatic change would not come suddenly but evolve with tiny incremental changes over millions and millions of years. For evolution to happen, the organism was required to adapt its given traits to the challenges of its environment. Darwin dreamed and hoped that natural selection would ultimately lead to perfection. In his own words: “As natural selection works solely by and for the good of each being, all corporeal and mental endowments will tend to progress towards perfection.” Darwin graduated from Christ College at Cambridge as an English clergyman in 1831 with a great admiration for William Paley, a British Christian apologist. Darwin was required to take a course that included reading Paley’s books on Natural Theology and Evidences of Christianity, in which a convincing argument was made that the world was intelligently designed and sustained by God. Darwin received a grade of excellence and said in his autobiography. “I could have written out the whole of the 'Evidences' with perfect correctness.”

As I wrote in my book, Evolution’s Fatal Fruit: How the Darwin’s Tree of Life Brought Death to Millions, Darwin fell into the trap of over-believing in the power of natural selection. This would become his idol that would destroy his relationship with his Creator. Later in his life he wrote “The old argument of design in nature, as given by Paley, which formerly seemed to me so conclusive, fails, now that the law of natural selection has been discovered”.

Where's the Beef?
As you'll learn from this month's featured DVD resource Evolution: The Grand Experiment DVD
(Part 1), Darwin's specific beliefs have actually been discredited by today's science... yes even by mainstream science. Evolution: The Grand Experiment DVD reveals that Darwin knew nothing of genetics and DNA in his day. He was forced to make suppositions about mechanisms at a much more simplistic level, but our understanding of genetics today actually invalidates those assumptions.

The bedrock of Darwin's theory, “natural selection,” is shown in the DVD to have no creative power whatsoever. Natural selection only has the ability to eliminate populations with traits less suited to survival, or to cause traits that were already designed into the DNA to become more or less dominant, but it cannot create new characteristics (such as new body parts). Darwin's belief in the ability of organisms to acquire new characteristics through environmental influence, effort, exercise, use or disuse is also shown to be without merit. We know today that none of these factors has any influence upon the fixed coding of the DNA that is passed on to future offspring. This leaves the “emperor” (Darwin) without any clothes.

Evolution: The Grand Experiment DVD shows his theory to be absolutely naked in the light of what we know today about DNA. While a large percentage of our propaganda-soaked public still heralds Darwinism in high esteem, as well as those like Dawkins, who capitalize upon their ignorance, evolutionists today have quietly slipped in the term “Neo-Darwinism” (or the “new Darwinism”). In truth, they now realize Darwin didn't really have the answers. So, they substitute a new mechanism of chance mutations as the driving force behind evolution, something Darwin knew nothing about in his time. Darwin's theory has quietly been replaced by what amounts to an alternate theory that is still labeled as Darwinism to give the appearance of continuity, yet it is just as weak. A companion piece to the book of the same title, Evolution: The Grand Experiment DVD is a provocative new documentary series that stares unflinchingly into the claims of evolutionary scientists. The DVD we're offering is the first – and so far the only released – in a series of documentaries that will ask the most important scientific question of our time: What is the truth about evolution? This is a documentary whose production quality rivals anything that might be shown on the major TV science channels. It is a brand new, cutting edge resource, painstakingly researched, professionally narrated and masterfully choreographed with stunning photography and background music.

Speculation and Deception
Evolution: The Grand Experiment DVD features numerous, one-on-one interviews with evolutionary paleontologists and curators from some of the most prominent natural history museums around the world. Revealingly, they each seem to acknowledge that the fossil evidence is weak in their own areas of specialization. Presumably, their faith in evolution rests on a faulty assumption that everyone else's evidence must be stronger than their own! When watching this DVD, just count how many times you hear the word “speculate” from the mouths of those being interviewed!

The DVD looks very critically at the fossil record captured in our museums' 200 million fossils. It exposes misleading museum displays and diagrams that are fabricated without any substantiating fossil evidence, but presented as factual. Finally, you won't believe the audacity of a prominent magazine that published an article heralding a fossil find as a major new “missing link,” after university CAT scans had revealed to the magazine that it was a cleverly made forgery! This, and much more, is revealed in Evolution: The Grand Experiment DVD. This is a ground-breaking resource you will feel confident to share with your friends and family members. The information presented will open up discussion that points to our Creator, but the material would be suited for the public forum as well as Bible studies and Sunday School Classes. As always, we are encouraged by your desire to partner with us as together we reach the world with the truths of creation and gospel of Jesus Christ.

In His service,

Tom DeRosa
Executive Director and Founder
Creation Studies Institute