Genesis Connection: Earth Science





CSI's 4-minute radio spots are powerful, exciting and informational. Tom DeRosa will answer questions with strength and excitement, giving out golden nuggets of creation evidences that the listening audience can use to come closer to their Creator.

A Million Year Old Fish

Age of the Earth

Basic Trends

Global Warming I

Global Warming II

Where do Plants Come From?

Bones to Pick Fossils

Amazing Trilobite

Chinese Feathered Fraud

Dating Mistakes

Day Age Theory

Diamonds are Creationist's Best Friend

Dinosaur Dung

Dinosaur Evolution

Disappearing Glaciers

Dr. Gould Gets Honest

Evidence from the Earth

Evidence from the Flood

Evidence Still Demands a Verdict

Feather Problems Persists

Fossils and Evolution  

Geological Column  

Grand Canyon  

Going in Circles  

Grand Canyon Nautoloids

Heat Wave

Here Today Stone Tomorrow  

Keys to the Past  

Laws of Thermodynamics

Living Fossils

Massive Tectonic Upheaval

Niagara Falls

Noah's Long Distance Travelers 

Noah's Ark

Oceans Over Continents


Rate Project

Rocks & Fossils Speak

Rocks Cry Out

The Great Unconformity

The Young Earth Introduction

Water Cycles Proof of a Master Design

Where is the Salt?