Genesis Connection: Life Science





CSI's 4-minute radio spots are powerful, exciting and informational. Tom DeRosa will answer questions with strength and excitement, giving out golden nuggets of creation evidences that the listening audience can use to come closer to their Creator.

900 Pound Tomatoes

A Fox that Lays Eggs

A Whale's Tail


Aquired Characteristics

Ask the Creation 

Amazing Walking Whales 

Beneficial Mutations

Biggest Land Creature 

Bird Evolution

Birds with Teeth and Tails

Born to Fly


Calculating the Truth

Claws on Wings

Complexity of Life


 Creatures that Glow

Crocodiles Rock

 Deep Sea I

Deep Sea II

Designed for Flight I

Designed for Flight II



DNA in the Psalms

DNA's Shape Problem

DNA's Amazing Properties

The Dragonfly

Dragonfly Eyes

Electric DNA

Evidence from Life

Evolution Defying Insects

Evolution Fairytales

Evolution is Impossible

Evolution's Bait and Switch

 Evolution's Ingredients

 Evolutionary Trees

 Fantastic Voyage

Feet or Flippers

Fish girl of Australia

First Land Mammal

Flying Reptiles

Frozen Microbes

Genetic Puppeteer

Gods Info System

Hooray for Eugenics