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Meets on the last Friday of the month at 7pm

**MINISTRY UPDATE: This month's Creation Fellowship will be available online via a zoom meeting. Once you register, you will receive a link to join the meeting.

Join us for an evening of casual learning and genuine fellowship. CSI invites speakers to share different topics relating to the creation/evolution debate. Informal but informative, you will learn in a laid-back atmosphere the validity of the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation as it relates to yesterday, today and tomorrow. There is always time for Q&A with our teachers, speakers and staff. Seating is limited, so reservations are highly suggested.

Fellowships are FREE, but donations are gladly accepted!

The purpose of our fellowship...



  • Answer questions about our origins
  • Encourage believers to share their faith by equipping them with simple, scientific answers
  • Educate the Church community using scientific evidence and discoveries that support the Word of God
  • Provide resources for further research
  • Opportunity for fellowship, testimony and evangelism in the area of Creation

2021 Schedule & Topics:

Introducing: Dismantling Evolution Series
Creation Studies will begin a three-part series in which we will dismantle evolutionary claims that are taught throughout many of our schools and propagated by the public media. Everybody needs to hear this message to affirm God's Word as it is proclaimed in the Genesis Account.  
Tom DeRosa, Executive Director of CSI, and his expert guests will present the three-part series clearly, comprehensively, and engagingly. There will be time for a question-and-answer period.

January 29, 2021 - Dismantling Evolution from the Beginning – Part 1

How did we get here? Where did we come from? These two most provocative questions about our origins will be examined in this presentation. Did we come from a Cosmological accident, or was it a planned event? Does life form from materials within over long periods of time, or did it come about from an intelligent divine Creator? We will carefully answer these questions logically, and with overwhelming scientific facts, that supports a Creator.


February 26, 2021 - Dismantling Evolution from the Molecules on up - Part 2

What are the origins of life? Is there a possibility that life can be discovered beyond the planet earth? Do living forms contain information? What are the current most popular topics taught to students about evolution in our schools today? We will answer all these questions and much more as we point to the scientific evidence to deconstruct these myths told for years and that need to be silenced.

We will meet LIVE ONLINE via Zoom. Registration is required.

March 26, 2021 - Dismantling Evolution's Ape to Man Myth - Part 3

Do we come from Apes? What does the fossil evidence demonstrate? Is our DNA 98% chimpanzee? We will address these questions and explain the many evolutionary fallacies over the years of the alleged man's ancestry linked to the primates. We will address numerous errors that have been covered-up by evolutionary bias that opposes God's Word that states we are created in God's image. We will see the facts and how they strongly affirm that man is a unique creature in all of creation.




Online via Zoom



Donations are gladly accepted.





Nathaniel's Story

We've made an impact in Nathaniel's life. Watch how he is now equipped to fight against the lies of evolution. Let's pray for our next generation.

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