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As a former history teacher I believed God used evolution in creating the earth. This was my own conclusion and reason, to make God and history work together. After rededicating my life to Jesus at Calvary FTL I was challenged to research for myself. I began reading the books and material from Creation Studies Institute. As I read and did my own research, I realized I was not told the whole truth in college about evolution. I was misled and realized the real fossils lead to an earth created by an awesome and Holy God, without the help of evolution.

fossil float traditionWhen my daughter Angela was born I knew I had the responsibility as a dad to give my daughter a strong foundation Biblically, and understanding the significance of the bible both historically and scientifically. 

When my daughter Angela was born
I knew I had the responsibility as a
dad to give my daughter a strong foundation Biblically, and understanding the significance of the bible both historically and scientifically.

 Since that first year, we have made attending the Fossil Float a daddy daughter tradition. We have had so many great experiences, and we have made so many friends. The Fossil float has become an extended family, as many of the same guides and attendees come back every year. Each year God brings a new experience and new fossil hunters. Angela now enjoys helping the first timers identify the fossils. She began attending CSI after school classes and summer camp. She heard how much fun the fossil float was, from other students and asked me if we could go. So when she was 7 we embarked on our first Fossil Float. I was a little apprehensive, not sure how my little girl was going to react to camping and canoeing. Well we had a blast. She loved the experiments, canoeing, digging for fossils and most of all playing in the river.  We found so many fossils from shark teeth to part of a mammoth bone. It was like being on a treasure hunt with the excitement of not knowing what cool fossil you are going to find to glorify God. We had so much fun together that we decided at that moment to return next year.  

I realized last year how important this tradition was for Angela, as the Fossil Float coincided with the choir performance at Calvary Christian academy. I told her we would not be able to go this year, since the performance was on a Friday night and the canoe trip was the next morning. We were both very disappointed. But Angela insisted we go and said, "Dad we can still go. Why can’t we leave after the choir performance and get there late at night? “I realized at that moment how important the tradition of the trip meant to her and how much fun she enjoyed being with me, her dad. I agreed and we left after the performance.  We arrived at the Peace River campground at one in the morning and slept in the car. We woke up early set up our tent and we were ready for another adventure. We had another great time and this time Angela found the most shark teeth.

Angela and I have had many firsts together; camping, canoeing, sitting around a campfire, worshiping under the stars, roasting marshmallows, making s'mores, finding fossils, sleeping in a car, and Angela watching daddy fall out of a canoe. Memories her and I will always cherish and remember, and stories we can share and laugh about. This year will be our seventh year attending.  Angela is now a teenager and her words to me last week were. “We are going. Right". My response "of course we are, even if we have to drive at night and sleep in the car again". I don't know which one of us is more excited to go. Click Here to register to our upcoming Fossil Float.

John Pedre
 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


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