Crazy Science with Mr. D

Stem workshops
Kids 6-12 will enjoy an explosive time of learning about science, technology, engineering and the world around us with Mr. D. and his friends. 

lemons and light

February 8
Explosions & Electrical Charges



Be ready to make explosions by different substances that are controlled. Discover how to make a battery out of a lemon and light an LED light bulb. Be ready to witness how a vacuum cannon can explode ping balls through a soda can. 



children smelling different odors

March 14
Chemistry Odors
& Making Things Grow



Learn how to make good and bad odors from household materials. See what a vacuum does and how it reacts with many different things like making marshmallows huge, watch shaving cream expand, and see what happens with so many other things. Experience how to make a cloud in a 5-gallon bottle. 



Science Experiments

May 9
Make Things Disappear
& Create Static Electricity



Discover how to make things disappear with simple chemicals. Learn how to change water to wine-like color. Make a helium blimp and see how much you can lift. Learn about static electricity and how to make static charges.


PRICE: $10 per child/per class
No refunds, unless CSI cancels.

TIME: 1pm-2pm  

LOCATION: Creation Studies Institute

2200 SW 10th St, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
(We are located inside South Florida Bible College)