Science Summer Camp for Little Sprouts


Creation Studies Institute is getting ready for a new season! After several wonderful years, we will be moving our facilities from the Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale Campus over the summer.

Because the move will take place during June and July, we will not offer our Weird and Wacky Summer Camp this year. We are, however, available to bring our fun, hands on, Bible-based programs to your Camp, VBS, Sunday School or group over the summer. Contact us at 954-771-1652 or to schedule your CSI Summer visit.

We are excited for what our Creator has in store for the ministry. Please consider supporting us through your prayers and generous financial donations during this transition. We will keep you posted with more details about our new home and grand opening soon.

Science Summer Camp for Little Sprouts (4-5 year olds)


CSI's Science Summer Camp for Little Sprouts provides a fun environment where 4 and 5 year olds can learn about science through age appropriate hands-on projects, crafts, and activities designed to encourage wonder and creative thinking.
summer camp for preschoolers
This program has been developed to meet the needs of parents with kids who are too young to attend our elementary age Weird and Wacky Science Summer Camp.  Our Science Summer Camp for Little Sprouts follows the same daily themes as the Weird and Wacky Science camp so that both older and younger campers can share similar daily experiences. Activities are subject to change.

The camp will feature a smaller number of kids in the room and teachers with passion and experience teaching this age group in order to provide the extra level of help and supervision that these younger campers require. Additionally, this camp will be held in a newly renovated, kid-friendly room that will ensure no child will ever get bored!

What is the cost of camp? 
The cost of Summer camp is $175 per week.
Sorry, No refunds.

What are the camp hours?

Camp hours are 8:30am to 3:00pm Monday through Friday. Early drop off is offered from 8:00am to 8:30 at a rate of $5 per day. After care is offered from 3:00pm to 5:00pm at a rate of $10 per hour per day.

What are the ages for camp?
Children ages 4-5.

Is lunch provided? 

No, campers need to bring a bag lunch daily.
We suggest an extra drink and snack for mid-afternoon. Campers may bring a small, personal cooler if they prefer.

2018 Dates & Topics:




REGISTER HERE for week two (June 25-29)

Monday: C
hemistry of LIFE

  1. Black Light Lab– Participate in an eerie blue glowing geyser in the dark! Let your light shine in the darkest time!

  2. Oil & Water DO NOT Mix! We will see how God’s story comes to life as fear stops us from coming to God, but the washing of the Word can make all the difference. Then see how a lava lamp mysteriously performs a dance before your eyes!

  3. Food chemistry– O, taste & see that the Lord is good! The good things in life sometimes take a little time and effort to make! With gloves and some jumping & rolling we will accomplish the goal- ice cream! Yum!

  4. It’s Slime Time!– Ever hear how some believe life sprang out of a primordial ooze? We will demonstrate the failed attempt of creating life.

Tuesday: Outer Space– Non Science– Nonsense!

  1. Rocket Launch Time!- Let’s get off this planet! How high will it go?

  2. AHH! The Comets Are Coming! Oh, they are evidence of a young earth, no worries! Ice balls relay game– DON’T HIT THE PLANET!

  3. Cool Rockets: Time for rocket practice! A great take-home project to continue the fun!

  4. Attack the space Invaders! We will make a launcher & shoot down the ideas of aliens existing! Just nonsense, you know.

Wednesday: Reuse It Engineering

  1. The Source of Your Power to Move! A rubber band powered recycled contraption to be good stewards of this world given us!

  2. City of the Future– Make all the places in your city with recycled materials. Bring some with you if you can! (clean first please)

  3. Water Powered Lift– Renewable energies need to become more efficient! Let’s use some of that garbage to make a usable contraption using the energy of WATER power!

  4. Clothes Makes the Man– Wow! Design some shoes, sandals or clothing out of: Newspaper, Tape, or Straws!

Thursday: Buzzing, Balancing, Burning, Buggy Creatures!

  1. Dr. Scott & God’s Amazing Creatures– He will be revealing cool stuff about spiders & butterflies.
  2. Center of Gravity Lab– What can you do a balancing act with? You just have to figure out that gravity issue, Huh?

  3. Exploding Bombardier Beetle! This mighty little beetle shows design that worked the first time. Let’s see it explode!

  4. Lady bugs! Are they a good bug or bad bug? Play with live lady bugs & then release them.

Friday: Splish & Splash—It’s Pool Day! Laugh, play, and plunge down our 22-foot water slide.

  1. Fun in the Sun, Water Activity Day– Please bring sunscreen, a towel, & change of clothing!

  2. SHARK DAY: The largest shark from the past- Megalodon! See how big it was! Is it still around today? Duh duh (plus a treat!)

  3. He Has Such a Magnetic Personality! Discover the hammerhead shark’s magnetic sensing unit, designed by God, to find its migration route every year. Amazing!

 WEEK TWO: June 25- June 29, 2018

Monday: C
hemistry of LIFE

  1. The Cell Cookie Comparison– What’s the difference between plant & animal/human cells? Definitely God designed! Snacktime!

  2. A Food Source? Many people groups eat bugs for food, make chocolate covered bugs, then eat. Bug spitting contest!

  3. Totally Absorbing Polymer! How much  H2O can it hold before it explodes? This is fulfilling Bible prophecy! The desert shall BLOOM!

  4. It’s Slime Time With a Twist!- Glowing with wiggle eyes, blow up an alien blob with eyes looking at YOU… God didn’t make aliens in space. He made things orderly & sent His Son to die for His creation. He didn’t have to keep going to each planet’s beings to die for them. We are created in His image!

Tuesday: Outer Space– Non Science– Nonsense!

  1. Stem Challenge! Design a space lander for a safe landing! Are you up to the challenge to not lose any aliens?

  2. Alka-Seltzer rocket Blast-off! Need I say more?

  3. Center of Gravity Lab– Gravity is a force we must live by. The Balance Guy uses the center of gravity to stay up on the tip of your finger miraculously! Can you perform the other balancing acts, too?

  4. Ground Rocket-Car Races– When the gasses are released, forward momentum is achieved! How far can your try go?

Wednesday: Reuse It Engineering

  1. Shake It Up! Make a structure to stand up to the force on an earthquake! Engineers are still designing ways to protect people during earthquakes. Maybe you will do the same, someday.

  2. Volcano Power– A mighty force not to mess with. Evacuate! We will make a working reusable Volcano! Blast off is Friday!

  3. Build a 3-D Mountain– Can you look at a map and know the best route up or down a mountain? Don’t go hiking until you know.

  4. Tornado Alert! See the tornado inside! Learn survival skills during a tornado– it may save you life!

Thursday: Buzzing, Balancing, Burning, Buggy Creatures!

  1. Snakes & Lizards- Dr Scott will reveal the design of many creatures they use for survival. (all creatures must eat…duh duh duh)

  2. Prey vs Predator Game (with a camo twist!) Will you achieve the goal of getting food & water to survive?

3 & 4. Arctic Critters Seasonal Camo– The powerful design of survival for arctic creatures is amazing! We will make an Arctic creature and a den diorama using the seasonal colors of your critter to blend into its habitat. “I want to live!” by God.

Friday: Splish & Splash—It’s Pool Day! Laugh, play, and plunge down our 22-foot water slide.

  1. Fun in the Sun, Water Activity Day– Please bring sunscreen, a towel, & change of clothing!

  2. Super hero Boot Camp– Heroes of Faith are our examples, but listen to your Drill Sergeant for team building exercises instructions or drop and give me 20!

  3. Volcanoes Are Erupting! Run! Project from Wednesday is dry and ready to explode, like Mt. St. Helens! Make your cape if not enough time after boot camp challenges.


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