Genesis Connection: Astronomy





CSI's 4-minute radio spots are powerful, exciting and informational. Tom DeRosa will answer questions with strength and excitement, giving out golden nuggets of creation evidences that the listening audience can use to come closer to their Creator. 

The Big Bang

Evidence from the Heavens

Life on other Planets

Lunar Loonies

Gap Theory

Gap Theory II

Gap Theory III

Gap Theory IV

Gap Theory V

 Jupiter King of Planets  

Jupiter Should Not Exist

Laws of Planetary Motion

Looks Can Kill

Natural Law

Old and Young Galaxies

Paley's Watchmaker Wrong

Psalm 19

Spiral Galaxies Should Not Exist

The Anthropic Principle

The Magnetic Field

UFO's and Christianity

Universal Constants I

Universal Constants II

Universe in Motion

What are Planets Made of?

Who Lit the Match for the Big Bang?