Museum Open House

Creation Museum Open House
Registration is closed.
We have reached our full capacity.
Please join us on October 31st
for CSI's Creation Celebration Event.

Fossil of Saber tooth cat

Amazing Florida
Ice Age Bones
and Fossil Exhibits.

Learn about the Ice Age and how this time in history relates to the biblical timeline. See and touch the extensive collection of ice age fossils we have collected over the years.


Science Experiments

Enjoy fun
hands-on science

Explore the wonders of creation and experience the hand of God through thrilling hands-on activities and exciting demonstrations.

Animal Shows

Explore God's Creation
through a live
animal encounter.

Greet and touch some of God's living creatures! Witness their uniquely designed features from a Creation perspective.


LOCATION: Visit Creation Studies Institute's New Home!

2200 SW 10th St, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
(We are located inside South Florida Bible College)



Kid's Stem Club

Science Club at Discovery Museum

Kids STEM Club with Mr. D and Friends

2200 SW 10th St, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

Starts Saturday, September 10, 2022
(Ages 9-12)

2022 Registrations are now open! Click Here

God has commanded man to have dominion over the Earth with the gifts he has given us. Our goal is to give God His glory by engaging young minds and souls with exciting hands-on activities that involve solving problems and finding creative solutions for the future.


Investigate God’s world through technology and ignite your child's passion for STEM. Explore science, technology, engineering, and math through fun projects featuring robotics, experimental design, engineering, computer coding and more.

Become an Investigative Scientist Member!
Join us as we investigate God’s amazing creation with tools and techniques used by real engineers. Our investigative team meets on 3 designated Saturdays of the year (see schedule below).



Activities are geared toward children between the ages of 9-12.

Time : 1pm-3pm
Membership: $75 per child. Includes two hours of fun and covers all 3 classes.
No refunds or makeup classes unless canceled by CSI.

Hurry Classes fill up quick. Space is limited.

Dates & Topics:


Saturday, September 10, 2022

Catapults to Cannons
Discover how to propel flying objects by producing force with a catapult and a cannon.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Explosions to Engines
Explore how chemical energy can be turned into the forces that make engines power big things to move.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Machines to Robotics
Experience on a fundamental level how to code a robot to accomplish a task like a machine.


Register Here
1pm Class

2200 SW 10th St, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
(Inside South Florida Bible College)


Can't make it to the Discovery Museum?

Contact a CSI representative at 954-771-1652 and find out how you can bring exciting hands-on programs to your school, homeschool group or church.



Animal Encounter

Radical Creatures at the Museum

Creation Discovery Museum
2701 W Cypress Creek Rd,
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33309

Greet, touch & feed some of God's living creatures at the Creation Discovery Museum. You won't want to miss our live animal encounters!



TIME: 2:00PM
COST: $5 per child. Adult with child (FREE)
(Sorry, No refunds unless canceled by CSI.)

***Please ensure you select an available time and a ticket price for each attendee. Children $5.00 each and Adults with children Free. Thank you.***

Saturday, December 8

Reptile Encounter

Join Veterinarian Dr. McOwen as he presents his incredible creatures. Saturday, December 8th at 2pm at The Creation Discovery Museum.

RSVP today 954-771-1652. Only $5 for kids, Adults are FREE.




Traveling Museum


Starting Spring 2019, we will bring the Creation Discovery Museum experience to homeschool groups, Christian schools, and Church groups through our new Educational programs.

Science Summer Camp


CSI's Summer Camp

Woohoo!! This year we've extended our Summer Camp schedule to two weeks to offer even more opportunities for your child to explore the world of science from a Biblical perspective. Our Weird & Wacky camp is truly one-of-a kind filled with fun hands-on activities. Our camp sells out quickly, so make sure to register soon!


2200 SW 10th St. Deerfield Beach, FL
(Located inside South Florida Bible College)

Dates: Pick one or two weeks
June 13-17, 2022
June 20-24, 2022

Time: 9am-3pm 

Register Here
Week One
Week Two

Discover Big Adventure & Engage in Some Shocking Cool Experiments

Keep the flame for God kindled in the heart of your children through CSI's exciting summer workshops. Learning about science has never been so much fun!

Explore the World of Science through a Biblical perspective. We offer fun-filled days of hands-on science activities. Your children will explore, grow, develop new skills, and form lasting friendships in a safe and godly environment. This summer adventure will be an exciting hands-on time for witnessing God's amazing creation. Our highly trained staff will demonstrate that Science can be fun by doing a variety of unique activities that are "Weird and Wacky."  

Our dynamic teachers have a wealth of experience connecting at all age levels making science extremely exciting. Activities are subject to change.


What is the cost of camp? 
The cost of Summer camp is $250 per week.  
Sibling Discount: $200 for every sibling added after the first.

Sorry, No refunds.

What are the camp hours?

Camp hours are 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday through Friday. 

What are the ages for camp?
Children ages 5-12.

Is lunch provided? 

No, campers need to bring a bag lunch daily.
We suggest an extra drink and snack for mid-afternoon. Campers may bring a small, personal cooler if they prefer.


2022 Dates & Topics:




Understanding the design and engineering of God’s World

Exploring God’s amazing living world

Investigating God’s world through technology

Discovering God’s physical world in the universe

Searching God’s chemical world

Additional Resource:
The Wonder of Creation Devotional (optional)

Encourage your child to follow along with their teacher's daily devotional.

Kids DevotionalFounder of the Passion movement Louie Giglio offers mind-blowing, faith-building scientific facts and biblical truths about the wonder of God's creation.

With engaging illustrations and striking photography, this fun and informative book is ideal for children ages 6–12. Each of the 100 devotions features a scientific fact or an easy activity for exploring faith, a short Bible verse, and a closing prayer.
Purchase at registration check out. Buy Here
Special Camp Price $13
(reg. $17)


Can't make it to the Discovery Museum?

Contact a CSI representative at 954-771-1652 and find out how you can bring exciting hands-on programs to your school, homeschool group or church.



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