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About Us Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith

We believe in the Trinity: The Father, Son & Holy Spirit (One God, three persons).

We believe that the universe and all living things (including man), were made by the direct creative acts of God within the 6 (six) literal 24-hour days as described in the book of Genesis. Any biological changes that have occurred since the Creation week have done so within the original created kinds. The special Creation of Adam and Eve in the image of God, and their subsequent fall into sin is the basis for our belief in the necessity of a Savior for all mankind.

We believe that death is the result of Adam’s sin and that no created life of any kind existed prior to the literal six-day Creation. We believe that the great flood described in the Genesis account was an historic worldwide flood in its extent and was a catastrophic event.

We believe that Jesus Christ, God’s Son, was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of a Virgin, lived a sinless life, died on the cross for our sins, rose from the dead and ascended to heaven where He is the only mediator between God and man.

We believe that all people are lost sinners and cannot see the kingdom of God unless they become born-again, being justified by grace through faith in Christ alone.

We believe that the Bible is God’s authoritative and inspired Word, without error in all of its teachings, including Creation, history, its own origin and salvation. Christians are called to submit to its divine authority, both individually and corporately, in all matters of belief and conduct.

We believe that the work of the Holy Spirit is essential for the individual’s new birth and growth to maturity, and for the Church’s constant renewal in truth, wisdom, faith, holiness, love, power and mission.

We believe that the Church is called to worship God, witness Jesus Christ and preach the gospel to all people.

We believe that Jesus Christ will personally return in glory to raise the dead and bring salvation and judgment to completion. God will fully manifest His kingdom when He establishes a new heaven and new earth, in which He will be glorified forever. All evil, suffering and death will be excluded.