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Field Trips

Enhance Your Student's Education

Museum Field Trip

Plan a field trip to the Discovery Museum this school year!
Enhance your student’s education with experiences outside their usual activities. CSI offers educational tours and hands-on workshops that will engage and challenge your students to learn about science, God and His creation.

These hands-on workshops include Unleashing the Dinosaur Foot Prints course, where students will make impressions of the different types of fossils that were found around the world. But, if excavating remains of the past isn’t enough, how about traveling thru time in our Ice Age Workshop where they will discover the fascinating creatures that once roamed the earth and the climate changes that made them extinct. Each activity will help them to think more critically, to put scientific ideas into perspective, and to learn more about how science works. The programs are developed to encourage the student to become more grounded in their faith and to trust in the inerrant Word of God.

Field Trips consist of 3 sessions: PowerPoint Presentation, Hands-on Activities, and Museum Tour.
Groups larger than 25 students will be broken up into 2-3 groups during the Field Trip.

Details & Pricing

Age Group: All
Length: Approximately 3 hours long, from 10am—1pm.
Please contact us at 954-771-1652 or email
Cost includes tour and a choice of one hands-on course. Programs are set up to age of participants.
(Free for parents/chaperones/non-participating children)

Choice of Hands-on Workshop:

1. Ice Age Workshop:
Explore what happened during the Ice Age, and see how the cold affected the world around us. Learn evidence of how the Ice Age fits into the biblical timeline of the Flood and the Tower of Babel.  Discover a history of Florida and the amazing creatures that once lived here, including mammoths, sloths, and megalodon sharks.

2. Dinosaurs and the Bible:
Discover the types of fossils and how to make impressions. Each student will make either a dinosaur footprint (trace fossil), dinosaur skeleton (true form Fossil), or leaf imprint (trace fossil) to take home.

3. The Paleo-Experience:
Students will be introduced to how fossils are formed. They will also be learning one of the many techniques a paleontologist uses on a dinosaur dig site.

For additional topics call a CSI representative at 954-771-1652.

Fossil Float Adventure + Museum Tour

This 2-part program will educate and excite students of all ages.

Part One: Take a tour of CSI’s museum and learn all about the ice age and the creatures that once roamed the Earth.
Part Two: Experience God’s creation as they canoe and dig for real fossils on the Peace River in Arcadia, Florida.

We have enjoyed over the years watching children and parents enjoy learning about God’s Creation through Fossil Hunting on the Peace River.

What is a Fossil Float?
It is an exciting adventure canoeing and digging for fossils. This area of Florida, rich with phosphates, is known as a Fossil Graveyard. Over the last decade we have taken over 10,000 people, young and old, down the Peace River, where they have learned that there is substantial evidence of a world-wide flood as recorded in the Bible. How else would you explain the findings of Whale Vertebra, or teeth of the Megalodon shark that would grow as large as 70 feet in length, in a river that is located some 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico? The findings of the Wholly Mammoth, Saber-tooth Cat and the Giant Sloth, gives affirmation to the bible reference of an ice age.

What will you Learn?
Discover the truth about the ice age from a creationist perspective. You will learn how to identify fossils, and make the connection to God as the creator. You will also learn to canoe and enjoy each other as you paddle down the river in the cool waters together. We end our exciting fossil adventure with fossil identification and special awards. Happy faces fill the room as the finds are identified and the prizes are given for the most unique find, the most of one kind, and the largest and most complete fossils found. Fossil Float trips are only available for the month of April.

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