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Science Club

Prepare to Innovate

Kid's Science Club

We can’t wait to see you face to face for an exciting time learning about science and our Creator! We will meet at our Creation Discovery Museum following the recommended CDC guidelines (social distancing, use of masks, extra sanitization).

We are inspiring the next generation of scientists!
Join us as we investigate God’s amazing creation with tools and techniques used by real scientists. Our investigative team meets on designated Saturdays of the year (see schedule below).

This time is packed with thrilling hands-on activities, exciting demonstrations and science-based laboratory experiences that will leave you wanting to discover more. Explore the wonders of creation and experience the hand of God in every field of science.

Activities are geared toward children between the ages of 5-12.

Pricing & Registration

Membership: $50 per child. Includes two hours of fun and covers all 4 classes. No refunds or makeup classes unless canceled by CSI.
Times :
10am-12pm or 1pm-3pm

Schedule & Topics

The Mad Scientist’s Lab of Wild Weather!

August 21, 2021
It’s time to learn about Tornados ! How do they form? Can I tell when a tornado might be coming? We will look at the anatomy of a tornado in a Skit format and take home a tornado!

The Mad Scientist’s Lab of Amphibians Versus Reptiles

September 18, 2021
What are the differences between a Reptile and an Amphibian? Are you up to the challenge? Can you race to find the identity of each? We will have some of our critters to observe also!

The Mad Scientist’s Lab of Anatomy– Skeletons!

October 16, 2021
We are Created in God’s Image! Meet Mr. Skully, our skeleton in the closet! We will be experiencing some awesome things about God’s design of our bones. God put a lot of thought into our framework! Them bones, them bones, them dry bones, hear the word of the Lord!

The Mad Scientist’s Lab of Wetlands

November 20, 2021
This is where the mixing of fresh & salt happens, let’s do an experiment to see how this happens. We will make a manatee, they can hold their breath for quite a while when sleeping! We will take an Everglades survival trek to see if you have what it takes… Can your team make the right decisions? It’s the difference between life or death!