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Science Club

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Kid's Science Club

We are inspiring the next generation of scientists!

Join us as we learn about God’s incredible creation using the same tools and techniques as real-life scientists. Our investigative team meets on select Saturdays throughout the year for an action-packed experience that you won’t want to miss. From thrilling hands-on activities and exciting demonstrations to science-based experiences that will blow your mind, we’ve got it all.

Discover the wonders of creation and witness the hand of God in every field of science with our expertly designed activities that are geared towards children between the ages of 6-9. You’ll get to explore everything from physics and chemistry to the human body and the environment.


Membership: $80 per child. Includes 2-hours of fun and covers all 4 classes. We meet once a month. See schedule below for dates. No refunds or makeup classes unless canceled by CSI.
Times :
10am-12pm or 1pm-3pm

Ages : 6-9 (This program is not suitable for children aged 5 and under)

2200 SW 10th St,
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

Schedule & Topics


August 19

The Mad Scientist’s Explosive Volcanoes Lab: We will discover the basic types of volcanoes and make a volcano to blow off! We will look at different landforms on Earth and make a landform diorama.

September 16

The Mad Scientist’s Walk With the Dinosaurs: See dinosaurs designed by God! We will build a standing Ankylosaurus!

October 21

The Mad Scientist’s Lab of Bird Design: Birds were designed to fly! One bird has the most unique type of flying– the humming bird needs a lot of energy to be able to do this! We will make a bird that flaps its wings. Discover how we have copied God’s design of birds flying in many inventions!

November 18

The Mad Scientist’s Cooling Lab: It’s COLD outside! How do we survive Ice Age weather? See how cold dry ice is & how it freezes things. Let’s do some experiments, too!

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