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Life Science

I can hear the X-Files music playing eerily in the background as the reports of strange and seemingly inexplicable deaths ripple through the mainstream media. For those of you who missed the seven seasons of this popular TV series, or any of the big screen spin-offs, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were a team of FBI agents assigned to investigate any crime that had occult, supernatural, or extraterrestrial implications associated with them. So, when I once again heard that birds

Evolution is widely accepted as indisputable scientific fact when, in truth, it is not based on scientific evidences which are measurable by the scientific method. Our everyday lives revolve around science and technology. The cars we drive, the food we eat, and the vitamins we take are the result of the application of some scientific principle. Just as science is important to everyday life, so it sets foundational principles by which evidence is acquired, analyzed, and transmitted.

Information is derived simply from two base pairs of DNA. The base “A” (one side of the staircase) will always combine with “T” (the other side of the staircase), and conversely the “C” will always combine with “G”. The matching base pairs never change. The only changes are in the order in which they appear and the order determines what the DNA will produce in the biological world.

Survival of the fittest, only the strong survive, scientists today still believe, as Darwin did, that natural selection is one of the major mechanisms by which evolution, as least theoretically, occurs. Charles Darwin observed that within a particular animal or plant species, there are various colors, shapes and other traits. Along with this observation, Darwin contended that in nature the weaker varieties of animals and plants are ‘killed off’ by the stronger varieties due to their better ability to compete for