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Summer Camp

Fun and Creative Hands-on Activities

Weird & Wacky Summer Camp

Discover Big Adventure & Engage in Some Shocking Cool Experiments
Keep the flame for God kindled in the heart of your children through CSI’s exciting summer workshops. Learning about science has never been so much fun!

Explore the World of Science through a Biblical perspective. We offer fun-filled days of hands-on science activities. Your children will explore, grow, develop new skills, and form lasting friendships in a safe and godly environment. This summer adventure will be an exciting hands-on time for witnessing God’s amazing creation. Our highly trained staff will demonstrate that Science can be fun by doing a variety of unique activities that are “Weird and Wacky.”

Our dynamic teachers have a wealth of experience connecting at all age levels making science extremely exciting. Activities are subject to change.


Explore one or two weeks of Hands-on Science:
June 19-23, 2023
July 10-14, 2023

What are the camp hours?

Camp hours are 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday through Friday.

What are the ages for camp?

Children ages 6-11

Is lunch provided?

No, campers need to bring a bag lunch daily. We suggest an extra drink and snack for mid-afternoon. Campers may bring a small, personal cooler if they prefer.

What is the cost of camp?

The cost of Summer Camp is $250 per week.
Sibling Discount: $200 for every sibling added after the first.

Sorry, No refunds.

Schedule & Topics

WEEK 1: June 19 – 23

Day 1: Chemistry 

  • Experiment with the chemicals in our foods like iodine and starch, fats in bacon, sugars in candies, iron in cereal, and many others.
  • Discover the power of yeast and how it makes explosions. Experiment with apples so that they do not rust or turn brown.
  • Make earth out of slime and so much more.

DAY 2: Ecology – Microscopic life

  • Examine the tiny living creatures that live in your water. See the amoebas in action!
  • Become a friend and adopt a cute planarium, a flatworm with eyes and an arrowhead that can regenerate all its parts.
  • Trace microbes that live on us by investigating who among your friends has them.

Day 3: Stem Day

  • Learn to program a bot to navigate a path.
  • Learn to build an Archimedes screw.
  • Program lego robots to accomplish a task.

Day 4: Animal Kingdom

  • Build a maze for Choppy, our famous ministry turtle.
  • Play the Prey and Predator Game and discover how they interact in the ecosystem.
  • Have fun learning how to train your cricket and have cricket races

Day 5: Fossils and Dinosaurs 

  • See how dinosaur footprints are formed by Volcanic ash
  • Learn how to make a fossil replica.
  • See and compare a big dinosaur by the size of its footprints.


WEEK 2: July 10 -14

Day 1: Energy 

  • Discover Free Energy with LED lights turning on with magnets.
  • Make your Battery with Different Substances
  • Learn how to make a chemical explosion.

Day 2: Symbiotic Relationships

  • Examine how insects are helpful to our environment. See how different kinds of beetles work to balance their ecosystem.
  • Discover how ants work in a colony and interact with their environment.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt for different insects and other creatures that work together.

Day 3: Technology and Engineering Day

  • Make a car out of straws and rubber bands and race it.
  • Construct a geodesic dome made from triangles.
  • Have fun with Rube Goldberg Inventions, creating a marble run with different materials.

Day 4: Astronomy 

  • Make your Galaxy on a Black T-Shirt
  • Construct a constellation box that you identify!
  • Have fun making your planet and make a solar system out of toilet paper.

Day 5. Mutations

  • Build edible DNA with unknown mutations
  • Have fun designing your dog trait with the right DNA recipe.
  • Examine different kinds of animals and their vertebra and learn how they walked.