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Theory of Evolution Evolution versus Creation

Evolution versus Creation

The Theory of Evolution describes how all living things came into existence naturally. You know that because that is what you learned in school science classes. Evolution is taught with other scientific theories and natural laws. Evolution is claimed to be a scientific theory, which means it must be supported by considerable scientific observations and data. What are the supporting data? Is evolution really a scientific fact as claimed?


Evolutionists assume and believe that nature is all that exists, and that there is no intelligence and power outside of nature. Thus, natural processes must have produced everything that exist in nature. Creationist accept and believe God’s claim in the Bible that He created everything. Science is the observation and study of nature as it now exists; but science cannot determine how nature came into existence, since no human observed the origin of matter and energy and the wide variety of living things. Starting assumptions determine what one believes about origins.

Laws of Nature

Evolutionist claim that inorganic lifeless matter spontaneously became living cells which gradually by random changes evolved into the great diversity of living things with increasing complexity. The scientifically verified Laws of Nature state: Matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed by natural processes. Life can only be produced by life after its kind of life. All things deteriorate and do not become more complex naturally. Evolution theory violates these well verified Natural Laws.


Evolutionist claim all the exceedingly complex forms of life came into existence by many random changes over millions of years. The fact is that all complex things with known origins, such as buildings, bridges, autos, computers, rockets, etc. etc. were designed and made by intelligent and capable human beings. Archeologist describe ancient buildings they discover as being built by intelligent humans. No one has ever observed anything complex coming into existence without intelligence, design, and ability. All of life and the universe are so much more complex than anything humans have made that the logical scientific conclusion is that there must be an intelligence and power far greater than humans to bring them into existence. It is impossible for any random unintelligent natural processes to produce anything more complex.


Evolutionists say there is no intelligence that directs the random evolution process. For things made by humans there are manuals describing planning and design, and construction and operating manuals. Such information requires a language and a way to store the information. That may be an alphabet or digital code for languages. In every living cell there is a vast amount of information in a biological language that uses the sequences of molecules to store the information. That provides all the information for organism go grow, function, and reproduce. Evolution has no way to explain how such detailed information came into existence from non-intelligence. Information only comes from intelligent beings. There must be a supremely intelligent Being to create the information for living things to exist. That information enables them to reproduce after their kind and to adapt to changing environments.


Evolutionists claim that fossils show how all forms of living things gradually evolved from common ancestors, from simple to complex living things. Fossils are their major claimed support of evolution. They say slow sedimentation buried dead creatures that were then fossilized. As successive layers of sediment strata developed they show an increase in complexity of buried creatures. The fact is that fossils do not support the evolution theory. If the sediment layers formed slowly over millions of years, then there would be no fossils because the dead animals would have decomposed before they were buried. The existence of fossils indicates they were buried very rapidly. The lowest strata with fossils contains fossils of a wide variety of smaller creatures that existed at the same time rather than being evolved. Larger more complex creatures are in higher strata laid down later. Fossils are similar to those creatures living today. They don’t show gradual improvement. For evolution to be true there should be fossils showing a gradual transition from one animal to another. Actually the fossils show many distinct kinds of animals with no fossils for transition creatures.

The fossil data strongly indicate that a major worldwide aqueous catastrophe rapidly buried first smaller creatures and then larger creatures. They do not support millions of years of gradual evolution. Many ancient cultures have stories of a world-wide flood as described in the Bible having occurred at the time of Noah. This is historical data. Many geological features we can now see are best explained as being the result of a major aqueous catastrophe.

Natural Selection

Evolutionist claim that Natural Selection is the mechanism by which the diversity of life developed. Information encoded in the genes and DNA is changed by mutations. Most mutations have negative or fatal results, but some might be a step in a long process to produce some new organ or creature. Natural Selection supposedly eliminates the bad mutations and retains those that could be part something new in the distant future. This involves intelligent planning and design for the future; but evolutionist strongly affirm that Natural Selection does not have intelligence to choose which mutations to keep. Evolutionist say only changes that are beneficial to the organism are retained and others are discarded. That means any partially evolved new organ is useless and would be discarded. Thus, no new things could be evolved according to their rules. That leaves no mechanism for evolution to occur.


All living things depend on other living things for their existence. Flowers need bees and insects for pollination, and bees need flowers for food. Vegetation needs animals to provide them with carbon dioxide and animals need vegetation for oxygen. All the interdependent creatures and conditions must have come into existence at the same time for any of them to continue existing. Evolution of various life forms over millions of years is impossible. The more scientist learn about the interdependence of living things, the stronger the case becomes that all living things must have been created at the same time.


I have never found any valid scientific data that supports the evolution theory. All of the data indicate that there must be a supremely intelligent and powerful Being who designed and created the universe and all the diversity of life on earth. That has been the position of scientists and philosophers for thousands of years. Each ancient culture had its own god that they worshiped as creator. Evolutionists deny the obvious indications in nature that there must be a creator.


Evolutionists claim the evolution theory is true because all or most scientists believe it to be true. It is true that most scientist and people believe evolution is a scientific fact because that is what they were taught; but that does not make it true. In the past all scientists and people believed the earth was flat, but that did not make it true. Science classes teach that the theories of chemistry, physics, biology, etc. are true because there are a lot of data supporting them. Evolution is taught in the same way so it is reasonable to conclude there must be a lot of data supporting it. People and scientists seldom examine the data supporting scientific theories. They just accept them as taught. That includes evolution. Scientists and others who do seek the evidence supporting evolution theory discover that there is none and that evolution is a false belief. Theologians and science professors who are Christian accept what they were taught about evolution being true, and then they feel obligated to interpret the Bible to be consistent evolution by somehow saying God used the evolution process to create all things. But since evolution is not a valid scientific theory, but is an unscientific false belief proposed by those who deny the existence of God or any superior Being, all attempts to use evolution as a basis for interpreting the Bible end up making false interpretations. Theistic evolution is just as false as naturalistic evolution.


The above shows that scientific data discredit evolution as a valid scientific theory of origin of living things. The Biblical account of creation is not needed to show the falsehood of belief in evolution. That leaves the question: since the study of nature shows evolution is not a true explanation of the origin of living things, how did they originate? The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself as the creator of everything. God existed before nature. “In the beginning was the Word” (Christ, God) who created everything. The Bible clearly proclaims that God created the universe, the earth, and everything on the earth, culminating with the creation of human beings in His image. God gave an eye witness account of creation to Moses to be recorded in the Bible. That supersedes any human speculations based on false assumptions. The purpose of creation was for humans to have fellowship with God and to honor, glorify and obey Him.

Evolution was proposed as a way to eliminate God as creator by claiming nature made itself. If there is no creator God, then humans do not have to obey His commands and can do as they please. As a result of evolutionary teaching, God and the Bible have been eliminated from our public education system, and atheism has become the official religion in our country, contrary to our constitution. This has allowed people to declare activities right that God said are wrong, like killing unborn babies, sexual activity outside of marriage, homosexuality, etc. Professors who raise scientific objections to evolutionism are fired. It is important that Christian parents teach their children they are being taught a lie about evolution in the public schools, and that the entire Bible teaches that God created everything.


Origin of the universe is not part of evolution theory. Advocates of the Big Bang deny the existence of a Supreme Being and declare that nothing produced massive concentrated energy, which formed electrons, protons, atoms, molecules, planets, stars, galaxies, etc. via natural processes. The facts are that there are no natural processes or laws to cause such things to happen. The existence of the universe shows there must be a Supreme Being to design and create it. The first sentence of the Bible tells us that God created the universe: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

None of the speculations about origins without a creator God are supported by any scientific data. The study of nature, that is science, clearly shows amazing complex design that can only come from an all knowing, all powerful God who is revealed in the Bible. The scientific data are all consistent with everything being created by God.

To put it simply: Nature (God’s general revelation), declares there must be a Creator; and the Bible (God’s special revelation) identifies Jesus Christ to be the Creator of everything. Both come from God, so there can be no conflict between scientific data and the Bible when both are interpreted correctly. Both declare the theory of evolution to be a false unscientific belief. Both declare God created everything. Praise the Lord.

William Vanderkooi, PhD scientist