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Theory of Evolution The Big Lie

The Big Lie

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed.”

The above quotes have been allegedly attributed to Joseph Goebbels, the notorious head of the Nazi Party’s propaganda program. Although these popular quotes did not originate with Goebbels or even Hitler, over the years, they found traction with these two notorious men for telling a “Big Lie” that led to the mass murder of millions and millions of innocent lives. Goebbels was one of Hitler’s most trusted leaders who coordinated a massive campaign that influenced the most literate, civilized nation in the world to commit the most horrific crimes in history. These crimes would create world-wide memorials of the evil of man.

The expression “The Big Lie” has its origins in Hitler’s famous controversial autobiographical publication Mien Kemf or My Struggle (1925) which was a foundational doctrine for the Nazi political ideology. In this publication, he identified Jews as Germany’s real problem and emphasized that they were the source of “The Big Lie.” According to Hitler and his Nazi disciples, the Jews caused the Germans’ loss of World War 1 because they supposedly had political control over his enemies. Hitler and his followers were successful in convincing the German nation that they were victims of “The Big Lie” that would lead to the extermination of the German nation by their enemies with Jews as the chief architects. In the early 1930’s, the Nazi Party would gain control of a torn nation with much suffering from the great depression with masses of unemployed. It is ironic that Germany needed a savior and Hitler pitched his propaganda program as their salvation. Germany fell for the “Big Lie” with much eagerness and wrongly placed their hatred on innocent people. They moved forward with their goal to destroy the Jewish race and the unfit that could potentially get in their way.

Their radical racist ideology was essentially based on the evolutionary concept of survival of the fittest.

The phrase was used by Herbert Simpson, a famous evolutionist, and by Charles Darwin, whose theory of natural selection would be used as mechanism to determine their own destiny by getting rid of the unfit and promote the most fit.

In this setting, Darwin’s nature would accelerate the process of the evolution of man. These men arrogantly defied their Creator and would determine who lived and who died. According to their own futile thinking that the Jew was their scapegoat, 6 million people ended up being killed in the streets, work camps, and in horrific death camps. In addition another 5 million Nazi’s undesirables were killed giving a total of 11 million but many believe that this number was too conservative. Hitler and Nazi ideology was the cause of World War II, adding millions more causalities that were sacrificed as a result of a “Big Lie” that was based on man’s evil ideas. It demonstrates how feeble and dangerous humans can be.

Evolution: Fake Science

Hitler’s Nazism arose on the evolutionary concept “survival of the fittest” in which many political ideologies like socialism, communism, Marxism, and fascism developed. Their credibility had to appear scientific so that it would be intellectually accepted. It was a devious method of ridding the world of God as the anchor of moral accountability. Without God, the conscientiousness of right and wrong would be sure to drastically change. Instead, man’s thoughts and ideas proudly dismissed the Creator and His Word from their throne and evolution was put in its place for honor and praise. This ideology soon proliferated and spread everywhere on earth as trustworthy and accepted on the pillar of science. It is witnessed today that wherever science goes, so does evolution. That is tragic and dangerous because in itself this is based on a big lie just like Hitler’s lies. 

Science soon adopted Darwin’s theory of evolution right after the publication of his Origin of Species in 1859. It promoted a secular agenda based on the hypothesis that life came out of inert materials –chemicals from the earth that eventually rose to the manifestation of a fully formed human being. What was the mechanism that produced molecules that became man? There isn’t one that can be tested and repeated. Then why is the public being propagandized through education and public media that evolution is a reality when in fact it is unproven? It is “fake science.” 

Darwin had hopes that inert molecules could produce life when he wrote to his friend and botanist, Joseph Hooker in February 1871. In his letter, he said that some life forms could have come from a warm pond as he suggested with the addition of “ammonia, phosphoric salts, light, heat, and electricity.” Such hypotheses in today’s biochemical world are much too simplistic and statistically impossible with today’s understanding of complex biochemical systems, including the information stored in DNA. But there are many secularists who want to defy science and give credence to the myth: “from slime to man.” They will continually search for evidence in rocks, “ancient” microbial life in the sea, or possibly in some sort of deposit from space. There are many hopeful theorists out there who want to spin their own mythological tales, putting their trust in their own imaginative speculations and promoting their own agendas under the guise of science. So the search goes on with blind faith and religious vigor to solve this mystery defying all logic and mathematics.

Along with this irrational model of the formation of life, we see how secularists confuse how different kinds of life came to be. It was a massive revolt against the biblical “kind” stated in Genesis. Darwin pronounced the theory of natural selection as the only mechanism for evolving into new kinds.

Without Christ and His Word, we can be gullible to the lies of the world and the deceit of Satan who is the master of deception.

That is why our ministry exists. Our passion is to let all know that God loves them with the Gospel and that all can witness Him in His glory through His Creation. As we are celebrating our 30th anniversary this year, we are asking you to partner with us through your prayers and financial gifts as we follow God’s plan to continue impacting the world with the truth that Christ is both our Creator and Savior.

Today, a majority of evolutionists have trouble with accepting this as the sole mechanism for an upward change where systems function with precision within their individual genetic kind. There is much confusion and many conflicting theories concerning how kinds evolved into new kinds. Although there is much written about how things vary in their kind, we can see the variations by breeding animals like dogs and cats who still keep their identity of the kind. There is a profound evolutionary ignorance as far as how we get big jumps as kinds evolve into unique new kinds; cat kind into dog kind is a simple illustration. We can’t see these transitions in the fossil record either because it is basically void of these vital connections. This is easily demonstrated in the Cambrian explosion where many different kinds of invertebrates suddenly appeared in the fossil record without their ancestors. This is also exemplified in the fact that fish groups are identified in the fossil record but their ancestors are missing. This is true for thousands of kinds. For example, where are the bat’s ancestors? The list goes on and on. The devil is in the details and it is evident that there is a plethora of fossil ancestries missing. For evolution to be believed and trusted as it is proclaimed to be behind the name of Science, it appears to fail in every way. One is left with the question, Is Darwinian evolution true or is it another big lie?

Dangerous Consequences

The popular phase “survival of the fittest” connected with Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory because he believed the “most fit” would survive according to his theory of natural selection. It’s difficult to designate or select an organism’s best traits in their genetic profile to survive with so many variables in the environment. Understanding human genetic profile with inherent traits influenced Francis Galton (1822-1911), who liked to measure and use statics to predict how they were going to be a successful survivor. He was Darwin’s cousin and a great admirer of his theory of evolution.

Galton concluded that selective breeding in animals can also be used in the human race.

Galton spent a good part of his life studying and measuring human traits. He made a significant impact in a variety of academic disciplines, including meteorology, statistics, geography, criminology (inventing finger prints), psychology, and biology. He concluded that selective breeding in animals can also be used in the human race. If you can breed horses, then you can also breed humans to make a better breed. He gave this kind of controversial practice the term eugenics which means “well born” in 1883.

In the beginning of the 1900’s, a home was found for Galton’s controversial eugenics theory in Long Island, New York at the Biological Institute of Cold Water Springs. It was allowed to flourish with the deep interest and enthusiasm of Charles Davenport, a biologist and engineer who had the financial backing of the Carnegie Institute. The new interest in Mendel’s genetics would give scientific credibility to Galton’s eugenics program to better the human race. Davenport and his colleagues would strive to make a better set of human traits by directing man’s evolution. In America, eugenics was not just given a home, but also much support.

The American eugenics program was responsible for 65,000 forced sterilizations.

Many intellectuals of the time with a number of reputable corporations would join the Carnegie Institute, including the Rockefeller Foundation, IBM, and others who put their financial support into the eugenics racist philosophy. The core of the American eugenics program fostered an increase in a radical racist view of man; it was responsible for 65,000 forced sterilizations and it provoked Margaret Sanger’s invention of Planned Parenthood which eventually secured a woman’s right to abortion. Lastly and most importantly, the American eugenics program found its way to Nazi Germany in the 1930’s where the Nazis used it to fit their radical racist agenda. It provided a method to keep their race genetically pure and get rid of their weak, sacrificing millions of innocent lives. So many were so gullible and the extinction of the Jewish race became a terrifying possibility.

If the German nation succumbed to this horrific lie, what about the rest of mankind? The human race can easily become extinct under false pretenses and lies. There is a long history of human atrocities that have occurred with different kinds of dreadful regimes based on lies. Stalin took over the communist regime in Russia and sacrificed about 20 million lives. Many more millions were starved to death for his ideology. Mao Zedong in China, the founding father of the People’s Republic, was responsible for murdering 30 to 70 million people in order to secure his political ideology. There are many more examples where man is so na’ive and corruptible that they quickly fall into their own destruction. Man is basically a weak and feeble creature. He is a danger to himself. Because of this apparent weakness in our human nature, we need someone to guide us. It is too dangerous to do it alone. Those who have found their true identity in Christ understand this as a reality. The Bible refers to the Lord as our shepherd and we are His sheep as exemplified in Psalm 23:1, “The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.” King David wrote this hymn, demonstrating the trust we ought to give to God as He will lead us to what satisfies all our needs. He will be our protector and most of all, he will “restore our soul” verse 23:3. In Isaiah 53:6 we witness another illustration that we are like sheep who can easily get into danger,

“All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned everyone to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.”

We also are assured in this verse that our Shepherd is also our Messiah who will be the sacrificial lamb for the atonement of our sins and will set us free from the bondage of sin. Without Christ and His Word, we can be gullible to the lies of the world and the deceit of Satan who is the master of deception. That is why our ministry exists. Our passion is to let all know that God loves them with the Gospel and that all can witness Him in His glory through His Creation. As we are celebrating our 30th anniversary this year, we are asking you to partner with us through your prayers and financial gifts as we follow God’s plan to continue impacting the world with the truth that Christ is both our Creator and Savior.