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Genesis/Flood Ice Age Fossils

Ice Age Fossils

The Creation Studies Institute has found the Peace River to be extremely rich in Ice-age fossils. We consider the fossils discovered on our Fossil Floats as living both before, and after, the Flood of Noah.

As creationists, we believe that the worldwide cataclysmic biblical Flood was responsible for most of the major geologic changes we see today on our planet. The Ice Age that resulted from Noah’s Flood was global and extreme. (Gen. 6:13-14) Many of the fossils we see in the Peace River area are the creatures would have survived the initial Flood, but would have eventually succumbed to changes that resulted in the Ice Age. Secular scientists place the last great Ice Age to 10,000 years ago. The 10,000 year timeframe is clearly part of the evolutionary scenario. This is a timetable that is rooted in the billions of years of time.

This is needed for people to be able to swallow the concept that molecules could assemble themselves via natural selection and beneficial mutations into every variety of living thing on planet earth.

The reason eons of evolutionary time are needed is so that we can continue to believe ‘anything is possible if you have enough time.’ This concept, e.g. the magic ingredient in the Theory of Evolution is time, continues to fuel what is really a fairytale for grown-ups. Frogs don’t turn into princes no matter how much time you give them.

When we see the 10,000 year dates associated with evolutionary time, we realize that the difference between the biblical model, 5-10,000 years of time and other archeological and anthropological discoveries actually support one another.

Rather than pointing to the Theory of Evolution being valid, it supports the Word of God as does the evidence from genetics, e.g. every living thing is preprogrammed to reproduce ‘after its own kind’ just as outlined in the first book of the Bible, the book of Genesis.

CSI’s Ice Age Fossil Float

Imagine yourself walking along a winding river surrounded by trees and plants and suddenly you stumble upon what you thought was just another tree root protruding from the ground. However, upon closer inspection, you discover this is no tree at all, but a giant thigh bone from a Columbian Mammoth that once roamed the land thousands of years ago!

Now, STOP IMAGINING!!! and join (CSI) Creation Studies Institute for the real experience! This exciting hands-on discovery adventure provides overwhelming evidence of a world wide flood and will leave you with a clearer understanding of the power of our Creator.

Enjoy not only the river float and fossil hunt, but also a barbeque dinner, an interactive show & tell, campfire fellowship and a worship service/Bible study.

Experience an unforgettable adventure as you canoe the river, dig, sift, and identify fossils! Click Here for more information