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Life Science Does Natural Selection Produce Real Change?

Does Natural Selection Produce Real Change?

Survival of the fittest, only the strong survive, scientists today still believe, as Darwin did, that natural selection is one of the major mechanisms by which evolution, as least theoretically, occurs. Charles Darwin observed that within a particular animal or plant species, there are various colors, shapes and other traits.

Along with this observation, Darwin contended that in nature the weaker varieties of animals and plants are ‘killed off’ by the stronger varieties due to their better ability to compete for food or withstand environmental change. This is what is referred to today as survival of the fittest or natural selection.

This is the process that Darwin thought would cause the surviving variety of species to improve over time and evolve into a completely new species, even though Darwin could not even define the term, species, many scientists today believe, as Darwin did, that natural selection is one of the major mechanisms by which evolution is supposed to occur.
Scientists who oppose evolution disagree with Darwin’s idea that natural selection could cause the evolution of all plants and animals living today from a single-cell organism. They argue that killing off of weaker varieties of animals or plants within a species, only removes these weaker animals and plants, but it does not add completely new body parts to the population.

We can see the fallacy in this theory by looking at artificial breeding in plants and animals. Using artificial breeding, a breeder or horticulturist consciously, or artificially selects, which of these traits will be eliminated or preserved in order to create a new variety of animal or plant.

Natural selection acts as a breeder and eliminates all the dark haired bears from the Artic environment; we are left with only white haired bears. Still, we are left with bears and only bears. No new species, no new animals. Bears are still bears and the white haired varieties are called polar bears, which apart from the color of their hair are almost identical to their brown haired brethren.

Perhaps it would be best to allow the evidence in the biblical model that is clearly confirmed in nature, e.g. that all living things are genetically encoded by their Creator with DNA that allows them to reproduce themselves ‘according to their own kind.’ Gen. 1:12 and Gen 1:25.