This episode begins with our narrator, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, asking, “Must we die? Are there beings in the cosmos that live forever? A float down the river of time”… and the credits roll. Now our animators take us to what appears to be papyrus ships moving under a nighttime sky as our narrator tells us, “Our ancestors marked time by the moon and the stars.”

Inflation is the predominant theory to explain the first moments of the universe after a proposed Big Bang took place. The theory of inflation holds that an instant after a big band -about a trillion of a trillion of a trillion of a second by some accounts, the universe rapidly expanded 101,000,000,000,000m, eventually settling for a slower rate of expansion.

The big bang is the popularized version of evolutionary cosmology. It states that matter, energy, and space were all compressed many billions of times smaller than a proton and then exploded for some undetermined reason to create an expanding universe, which continues to spread today. There are presently some 50 theories proposed by cosmologists

Well, if you read the article ran titled, “Maybe We Really Are Alone in the Universe” by Jeffrey Kluger, Editor At Large for Time, you might think so. While several science news organizations ran this, including the New York Times, it failed to make it to the evening news. I was not surprised that it did not get the coverage it should have.

Was there an actual "Star” of Bethlehem or was it an apparition that God miraculous set in the skies that led three Magi (Kings or Wisemen) to the Savior of the World? Could the star actually be an unusual pattern of heavenly bodies aligned over Bethlehem? Some think it was an angel that appeared as a star.

It’s a real course of study, because astronomers have been looking for alien life throughout the vast regions of the cosmos ever since evolutionary astronomers began speculating that we are not alone in the universe. For decades, there have been billions of dollars thrown at the concept that E.T. is out there somewhere, and all we need to do is listen long and hard enough and we will hear them calling.

The latest space exploration pictures coming back from NASA’s Mars Rover Opportunity are nothing less than spectacular. Watching the NASA team jump for joy after a near-fatal glitch threatened to shut the probe down forever was the reason for their collective jubilance. Seeing that so much hard work and money were put into NASA’s search for answers.