One of the most profound events ever to take place changed the face of the earth forever. It produced the mountains that we observe reaching far into the sky today - some measuring over 27,000 feet tall with our champion Mount Everest at 29,092 feet above sea level. This event carved tremendous caverns 36,201 feet below sea level in the Marianna Trench. In the Grand Canyon, this event had such great energy that it blew away 900 cubic miles of

Evolutionists believe that the material in coal beds accumulated over millions of years in quiet swamp environments like the Everglades of Florida. Evolutionary geologists often object to the creationists’ explanation of coal bed formation, so what are their arguments and what answers do we give to them?

Geologists are scientists who deal with the earth’s physical structure and substance, its processes, and its history. My scientific degree is not in geology, but I have read extensively about geology and have observed geological features while traveling throughout North America. We can see the geological features and processes as they exist now, and can speculate about their past history. With modern technology geologists can examine the earth, and can measure the rate at