The latest space exploration pictures coming back from NASA’s Mars Rover Opportunity are nothing less than spectacular. Watching the NASA team jump for joy after a near-fatal glitch threatened to shut the probe down forever was the reason for their collective jubilance. Seeing that so much hard work and money were put into NASA’s search for answers.

The Big Bang is the popularized version of evolutionary cosmology. It states that matter, energy, and space were all compressed many billions of times smaller than a proton and then exploded for some undetermined reason to create an expanding universe which continues to spread today.

One of the most memorable images of our planet earth is a picture taken 240,000 miles away from Apollo 11, close to the surface of the moon. This photo was taken just before the lunar module successfully landed on the surface of the moon on July 20, 1969. The planet earth looked like an immense blue marble suspended in space while the lifeless, creviced, and potted lunar surface predominated the bottom of the picture. As the lunar module was getting