We are experiencing a change in lifestyle that nobody could even have predicted. Now the challenge for most of us it's staying at home and not wondering very far, at least for a majority of us. There are many essential agencies to take care of our basic needs like those to keep the food service chains moving, financial institutions to provide for economic flow, and those health Institutions and workers that are in harm's way of this virus.

Geologists are scientists who deal with the earth’s physical structure and substance, its processes, and its history. My scientific degree is not in geology, but I have read extensively about geology and have observed geological features while traveling throughout North America. We can see the geological features and processes as they exist now, and can speculate about their past history. With modern technology geologists can examine the earth, and can measure the rate at

Has Noah’s Ark really been discovered by a group of evangelicals from Hong Kong? Well the firestorm of news coverage that erupted after certain photographs were leaked concerning this expedition might seem very convincing. Convincing that is, until all the information concerning these photos was revealed.

When seemingly lucid men and women of science place their faith in the creed of naturalism, anything that contradicts their beliefs must be disregarded or explained away. This is not just a passive attitude, but a very aggressive and pervasive mindset. Like the defense mechanism of psychological denial, it allows these disciples of Darwin to turn a blind eye to evidence that might contradict or even falsify their molecules-to-men worldview.

What is this unseen enemy that causes so much fear? We hear so much about this virus that can cause anxiety and grief, including death; we are forced to ask, “What is this?” How does it fit into the grand design of Creation? What makes it such a fierce invisible enemy? These questions and many more are popping up during this period of darkness and uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus. COVID-19 is mentioned in every news media outlet on a

This “miracle” is based upon the discovery of an extremely rich fossil layer that seemingly exploded out of nothing in the Cambrian layer of the geologic column. The Cambrian layer is the bedrock layer of the earth’s mantle. The only organisms found below this layer, i.e. the pre-Cambrian layer, are microscopic bacterial organisms.

The fact of fiat creation has, as shown in the foregoing, been conclusively documented in Scripture, as has the fact that all of God’s work of creating and making was finished and completely functioning (pronounced “very good” by God) by the end of the six-day creation period described in chapter 1 of Genesis.

In 1977, the worst winter of the century struck the United States. Artic cold ripped the Midwest for weeks on end. Great blizzards paralyzed cities of the Northeast. One desperate night in Buffalo, 8 people froze to death in their own cars…. The brutal Buffalo winter may be common all through the United States. The climate experts believe that the next Ice Age is on its way. According to recent evidence, it could come