One of the “six most incredible fossils preserved in amber turned out to be 99 million-year-old ants. It turns out that amber (tree resin) is one of nature’s best preservatives. According to evolutionary thinking, this amber is 99-100 million years old. These specimens would have roamed the earth with the dinosaurs. While most dinosaurs could not survive the post-Flood environment, ants as well as a host of other insects have evidently remained unchanged, thereby defying evolutionary theory’s paradigm of change

The rocks don’t speak, but they tell a story of the past. The question is, what kind of story do they tell? Do the earth’s rocks originate from a Big Bang as products of slow change due to natural processes over long periods of time? Or do these rocks tell a very different story about the earth where the basement rocks were formed by a divine Creator in the very beginning and then subjected to worldwide catastrophic forces caused by

Yes, I intentionally used a grammatically incorrect figure of speech for the title of this article. And no, I did not think it was inappropriate given the topic being considered. For those who are not up to speed concerning such matters, the fossil record has long been used to support Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. This continues even though everything in the fossil record appears abruptly, fully-formed, without clearly delineated precursors or transitional fossils appearing therein.

Have you ever wondered why so many extinct species of plants and animals look almost exactly like their modern-day counterparts? The textbooks are filled with examples of “living fossils.” What we find is nearly, if not completely, identical organisms remaining virtually unchanged. These fossils are supposed to be really, really, really old, but they look nearly identical to the ones that live today.

Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures not just to little ones, but to adults too. These reptilian-like critters are perfect for a child’s imaginary world. They come in all sizes and shapes, yet they are extinct. They have the added quality of being gigantic and scary. Unlike modern lions, tigers, wolves, and any other animals that are known to be dangerous and menacing, children can’t see these amazing creatures in the context of today’s reality. For children and parents alike, these creatures do

This “miracle” is based upon the discovery of an extremely rich fossil layer that seemingly exploded out of nothing in the Cambrian layer of the geologic column. The Cambrian layer is the bedrock layer of the earth’s mantle. The only organisms found below this layer, i.e. the pre-Cambrian layer, are microscopic bacterial organisms.