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The Big Bang is the popularized version of evolutionary cosmology. It states that matter, energy, and space were all compressed many billions of times smaller than a proton and then exploded for some undetermined reason to create an expanding universe which continues to spread today.

We believe the inerrant word of God clearly states that the entire cosmos, including all the matter and energy contained therein, was created in six days. We identify these days of creation as six 24-hour periods of time. God could have created everything instantaneously fully formed, but as many Bible scholars have indicated

Some people think that Darwin’s Theory of Evolution in 1859 set the stage for the millions-to-billions of years of time necessary for molecules to become men. They would be wrong. The seeds of “deep time” were sown a century earlier as geologists began to question the biblical timeline of 6,000-year history inferred in the biblical record.

We are told that the universe is 13.8 billion years old and the earth trails behind at 4.6 billion years. These are well-known, accepted scientific “facts.” They appear in all our science textbooks and are propagated in all forms of media with few exceptions. Young Earth Creationists (YEC) stand on the foundational Word of God, acknowledging a biblical time frame of several thousand years. These creationists are said to demonstrate the highest form of ignorance in many circles.