Have you ever wondered why the universe is so hostile toward life? It seems like a cold vacuum devoid of any life-sustaining gasses such as oxygen. If anything approaches a star, it encounters a deadly furnace emitting all kinds of dangerous radiation and searing heat that will vaporize anything in its vicinity.

Pixie Dust in the Universe As children growing up, we embellished the make-believe world. Our minds were free to fly to unknown places as we used our imaginations to play in our own fantasies. We loved fairytales and all those picture books filled with bright colors and playful figures that left us with pleasurable memories.

If God is defined as being all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving, why is there evil and suffering in the world? If God’s attributes are true, then using His infinite power, can’t He easily destroy evil and prevent suffering? If He proclaims to be all-knowing, then shouldn’t He be aware of the evil in this world? It cannot be hidden from Him.

Have you ever been deceived? Has somebody you really trusted lied to you and stole what you valued without you knowing it. It has happened to me, and I believe almost everyone I know. You feel violated, and it hurts you to your core, knowing that you have been taken advantage of when you least expected it. In some cases, our losses will never be made up. Everything was perfect in Adam and Eve’s world as noted in the first two