Global Warming is being promoted as the next doomsday scenario. Like all good doomsday scenarios other than the threat of cosmic collisions, they all have one common theme, e.g. human beings are destroying the environment. While there are many factors that are driven by the human dynamic, some fundamental truths must be stated before a level headed strategy can be developed to handle the alleged Global Warming crisis.

One of the most profound events ever to take place changed the face of the earth forever. It produced the mountains that we observe reaching far into the sky today - some measuring over 27,000 feet tall with our champion Mount Everest at 29,092 feet above sea level. This event carved tremendous caverns 36,201 feet below sea level in the Marianna Trench. In the Grand Canyon, this event had such great energy that it blew away 900 cubic miles of

Although temperatures worldwide are rising, is man to blame or should we question the conclusions that are being made? There are many who have been told that man’s use of fossil fuels is the cause of global warming. Are these temperature fluctuations really due to fossil fuels or are they a normal part of a warming and cooling cycle? Will they result in catastrophic consequences?

One of the “six most incredible fossils preserved in amber turned out to be 99 million-year-old ants. It turns out that amber (tree resin) is one of nature’s best preservatives. According to evolutionary thinking, this amber is 99-100 million years old. These specimens would have roamed the earth with the dinosaurs. While most dinosaurs could not survive the post-Flood environment, ants as well as a host of other insects have evidently remained unchanged, thereby defying evolutionary theory’s paradigm of change

There are several incidents in the Bible where there are references to rocks being able speak. The first takes place in the book of Joshua. Joshua was at the end of his ministry as the leader of the children of Israel. He decides to renew the Covenant promises of God. He warns them about serving other gods, deities they have worshiped beyond the Nile River when they were slaves in Egypt, Josh. 24:14. He challenges them to make a choice

The rocks don’t speak, but they tell a story of the past. The question is, what kind of story do they tell? Do the earth’s rocks originate from a Big Bang as products of slow change due to natural processes over long periods of time? Or do these rocks tell a very different story about the earth where the basement rocks were formed by a divine Creator in the very beginning and then subjected to worldwide catastrophic forces caused by

This “miracle” is based upon the discovery of an extremely rich fossil layer that seemingly exploded out of nothing in the Cambrian layer of the geologic column. The Cambrian layer is the bedrock layer of the earth’s mantle. The only organisms found below this layer, i.e. the pre-Cambrian layer, are microscopic bacterial organisms.

In 1977, the worst winter of the century struck the United States. Artic cold ripped the Midwest for weeks on end. Great blizzards paralyzed cities of the Northeast. One desperate night in Buffalo, 8 people froze to death in their own cars…. The brutal Buffalo winter may be common all through the United States. The climate experts believe that the next Ice Age is on its way. According to recent evidence, it could come